Kidzlane Kids Cleaning Set Review

Most parents can relate to this you are trying to get housework done. You want to get it over and done with but your children are following you around.

They keep asking can I help. Sometimes you’ll turn around they have a broom or a mop. You stand there paralyzed in fear because something fragile is within range. If you startle your child, you may end up with a huge mess.

Moms like me want to get the chores done so they can spend time with their family. It is hard to get the chores done when your kids are following you around trying to help.

That is why I’m grateful that I tried Kidzlane cleaning set. I was gifted this as a promotional item to test and review.

My six-year-old niece was at my home when the cleaning set arrived. It delighted her the minute I opened the box and she could not wait for me to open the toys!


I opened the box, and it required minimal assembly. You assemble the broom, mop, and duster. It took 60 seconds to do that. The Kidzlane Kids cleaning set was ready to go.

It was very hard for me to photograph the toys because I had kids behind me trying to play with them. They did not want to wait to try the toys out.

The Amazon listing for the Kidzlane Kids cleaning set it says for toddlers at age 4. My niece who just turned six had a blast playing with these. I had a few different children play with the toys so I could write a thorough review.

My friends two-year-old loved these toys. I had friends over and their kids aged 2-7 all tried the Kidzlane Kids Cleaning Set. Kidzlane kids cleaning set toys bought us peace and quiet.

I am at work at home mom and I take care of children all day on top of working from home. Any toy that can keep the kids busy and play with no extra noise makes it possible for me to work.


Kidzlane Kids Cleaning set is the kind of toy I prefer giving children. It encourages kids to use their imagination. It is pure pretend play.

I am happy that I got this product test. When I was cleaning, the kids could help. I did not have to worry about them trying to use my equipment or cleaning products. The kids now had their own.


I also like that Kidzlane kids cleaning set encourages them to clean. As a veteran mom I can attest to the fact that is very difficult to get kids to clean up after themselves. The younger you set the example that they need to clean up after themselves the better. Kidzlane kids cleaning set teaches kids cleaning can be fun. Set yourself up for success. If they learn to clean now, it will not be a struggle later.

The Kidzlane kids cleaning set is a great gift for kids. Christmas is around the corner. Any toy that doesn’t need batteries and encourages them to use their own imagination is a wonderful gift.

I enjoy having this toy in my household. As a caregiver and as a parent any toy that encourages kids to be responsible for themselves is a great toy. I want my kids to use their imaginations and play independently.

Every child that tested this toy had fun. I had to tell them it was time to stop playing. They took the care and the time to clean the floors. The little broom works too, so that’s another bonus.

I highly recommend Kidzlane kids cleaning set. Kidzlane kids cleaning set would make an excellent Christmas gift this year. You can purchase the Kidzlane kids cleaning set here.

Kidzlane kids cleaning set was given to complimentary as a gift to review. My opinions are my own.

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