How To Get The Kids To Bed Early Christmas Eve

If your kids are anything like mine the night before Christmas, they do everything they can to stay up. No matter how many times you tell them Santa will skip our house if you don’t go to sleep they still are wide awake.

Christmas Eve can be a nightmare for some parents. If the kids stay up, you will stay up much later. Then they come into your room early. You wonder how they can have so much energy with such little sleep while your eyes hurt and you’re dead tired.

If the kids go to bed earlier, it would make things much easier for you and you could get sleep. Here are three things you can try to get the kids to bed early on Christmas Eve.

The simplest solution is if you want the kids to go to bed earlier wake them up earlier. You don’t want to wake them up too early, or they will be cranky. The odds are they will end up taking a nap making them stay up later.

Skip naps or cut your child’s nap short if your kids still take a nap. If you do not want to wake the kids up early skipping the nap helps.

Make sure the kids stay active throughout the day. Make sure you don’t wear them out too soon. If you get your kids up early and they seem tired taking them out to play at the park for an hour may backfire.

Begin with a family breakfast followed by crafts activity or story time. Make sure you spend the day having fun. Ice skating and other physical activities are a great way to wear kids out.

Most kids will get a second wind after lunch or in the midafternoon. Be sure the kids play and tire themselves. Plan an activity you know may tire them for this time. Go to an indoor play place or plan a snowball fight if the weather is terrible. It’s crucial your kids stay active until kids active until dinner.

After dinner try calming activities. Choose a Christmas movie you know they will sit still for and put out Cookies for Santa. A relaxing bath will also help your children fall asleep faster. Lie in bed with them and read Christmas books. If you own an essential oil diffuser, run it with some chamomile and lavender.

If you take away excuses for kids to get up, it will help them fall asleep faster. Make sure the kids use the bathroom before bed. Make sure the kids have extra blankets and a glass of water.

Relaxation and preparation can be your most helpful tool. Relaxed kids without an excuse to stay up will go to sleep.

If all else fails and they still get up remind them that Santa cannot come until they are sleeping. Then get them back to their room ASAP.

I hope this tips help you get extra sleep Christmas morning. How do you get your kids to bed early during the holidays?

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How to get the kids to bed on Christmas Eve!