Easy Holiday Dinner Clean Up Tips

I love hosting during the holidays, but I hate the cleanup. Cooking dinner for your entire family can make your kitchen look like a bomb went off in it. 

Over the years I have perfected my methods of cooking for easy cleanup, and I discovered other ways to cut down on the mess. So here are my best tips for you.

  • One the worst things to clean out is the turkey pan. I recommend that you buy a Reynolds turkey bag but sometimes they burst, so I also recommend lining foil at the bottom of the pan. Clean up will be a breeze.

  • My second suggestion is line whatever baking dishes and pan you can with foil which makes cleanup easy.

  • Make sure the dishwasher is empty before guests arrive. You can try to load dishes as needed to keep the sink empty.

  • I also recommend using disposables. I am eco-friendly and I hate doing this but it is so much easier. Tablecloth, napkins, cups, plates, utensils if you can find recycled ones that is even better. The biggest mess is the dishes. Then toss whatever is disposable that is less cleanup for you.

  • Reynolds sells a crock-pot liners and using one saves burner space. The liner means you won’t need to wash the crock-pot out. So that’s why I recommend the crock-pot to make your mashed potatoes.

  • Consider buying beverages that are canned, so you don’t need a glass. Most people will drink cold canned soda.

  • Pre-made entrees and Potluck dinners are the easiest way to go when hosting a dinner. That means less cooking and dishwashing for you.

  • Pinterest Miracle Cleaner is amazing try it on your pans. A solution of Dawn and vinegar, and this works like a dream on dirty pots and pans if you add a little baking soda for extra scrubbing power. This stuff will dissolve the food.

  • Denture tablets can help remove food stains and loose up stuck on food. Instead of soaking a pan fill it with a little water and add a denture tablet which will help dissolve the food.

  • Wax paper can help eliminate messes on your kitchen counter. The counter will stay clean if you cover it with wax paper before cooking. You throw away the wax paper when done, and there is no mess on the counter.

  • A Tide pen will to pretreat and remove stains from table linens and clothing.

  • Cooking from scratch is messy Buy pre-made sides. They come in ready to serve containers. No prep or cooking required either.

  • Serve your dishes in the containers you use for leftovers. I use Pyrex clear glass bowls with lids.

  • Buy or borrow a Dust-Buster which cleans up crumbs in a snap. I love using mine to clean up the table cloth and dry kitchen spills.

Holidays can be stressful. Do whatever it takes to make the meal prep and hosting duties easy for you. I love cleaning tips do you have one to share?

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