Why I love PEDS

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This post is a sponsored post written on the behalf of PEDS®. If you know me, you know that PEDS® are a big part of my lifestyle. If you follow me on social media I have posted pictures of my shoes before. You never see my socks because all I wear is PEDS®.

As a busy mom, I am always on my feet. My lifestyle is hectic. I am a work at home mom who runs. Because I am a Disney blogger, I am at Disneyland every week. During a typical Disney trip I walk 5-8 miles. I am on my feet a lot. Socks are as important as the shoes you wear. I can go from wearing running shoes from one minute to Flats the next. It is important that I have socks that can transition from one shoe to another.

My personal style matters a lot. I like fitted pants. Fitted athletic pants or skinny jeans are a staple in my wardrobe. I dislike it when my sock shows. Whether I am going to the gym, running, or just hanging out at Disneyland. When I wear skinny jeans, I want to make sure there are no socks showing. During fall I am wearing boots a lot, ankle or mid-calf. I also love flats for the days where I want to dress up. Running sneakers are something I will wear when I will do a lot of walking. No matter what I do not want my socks to show. I also want them to stay put.

That is why I love PEDS®. No matter what style PEDS®, either ultra low cut or Sport cut, they do not show. I can wear them to Disneyland and walk around all day. The last time I was at Disneyland I walked almost seven miles. I was wearing my PEDS® for comfort and style.


These are my favorite sneakers but I cannot wear them without liners.

I can wear them in any shoe I own. Boots to pumps. PEDS® are a great value. I can buy one type of sock and not have to have several types of socks. This makes sorting my laundry easy too.

 If you’re a mom, your laundry always comes last. There’s nothing worse than running out of socks. Then digging through the hamper trying to find socks that match. When you wear PEDS® with all your shoes, you won’t need to sort socks.


I have had some of my PEDS® socks for so long I do not even remember when I bought them. Yet, you do not notice I owned them for quite some time. They look the same as the day I bought them. They last a long time. The quality cannot be beat. 

Loving my peds for that fall and winter flannel with skinny jeans sockless look.

With the holidays around the corner PEDS® are a great stocking stuffer. They’re perfect for someone who is on their feet all day like a teacher. I got a pair of PEDS® liners with a ball of foot cushioning. This means you can wear with flats or heels and the extra padding makes your shoes more comfortable. 

I had flats I loved but could not stand to wear them because there was no support. PEDS® changed that. I can now wear my cute flats with added comfort. I also tried wearing my PEDS® with the ball of foot cushioning with some pumps. To dress up my fall sweaters and skinny jeans for date night. PEDS® liners with cushioning made my pumps much more bearable to wear. You could not even tell I was wearing them. 

I wore my ulta low cut PEDS® while shoe shopping for date night. They worked perfectly with every shoe.

PEDS® have become an integral part of my life. I wear them everywhere I go. No matter what I am doing. They provide extra comfort so I can keep being me. I cannot imagine being able to transition from one activity to the next without them. They make my life much easier. Since I am all about sharing what makes life easier, I cannot say it enough. PEDS® are amazing.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of PEDS®. My opinions are my own. I have been a PEDS® fan and loyal customer since childhood. I wanted to share how much easier they make my busy life. If you want to try PEDS® they can be found at JCP.

Why I love Peds. Practically Perfect Meg.