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The ***K It Diet. I won't Worry About Weight Gain During the Holidays

The ***K It Diet. I won't Worry About Weight Gain During the Holidays

For 14 years this  post has been making the rounds. If swearing offends you skip the post. Diet's do not work

I had had my struggles with weight loss and weight gain. When you spend over 15 years of your life trying to lose weight, you learn a lot. You, the proper way to lose weight. I keep up with all the newest research and weight loss trends. 

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Diets do not work for me unless I starve myself half to death. To lose any weight, I must adhere to a stringent diet of counting calories and fat, measuring portions. I cannot live like that forever after over a year I had enough.

I resumed my regular diet and the rebound effect kicked in. I gained back about 15 pounds. I was okay with my weight but life happens. Back and hip problems caused me gain weight which won't come off.

I was doing everything you’re supposed to do. I ate right. I spent the past two years in training for half marathons. The weight should come right off. I do not cancel out exercise by over eating. 

Then I came across the Margaret Cho *uck It diet.  I remember reading about it years ago. I figured I've tried everything else why not this? Letting all of it go was hard. The expectations. Diets. Portion control. Late workouts because I had no time during the day.

Many women who decide for some arbitrary reason during the holidays they must be a certain size. A Christmas Party. New Year. Whatever. They will pick the latest diet trend or worse crash diet. When you resume old eating habits you gain the weight back.

Weight loss is not about the weight it is changing your whole life. Weight loss is a forever commitment. Hence why the *uck it diet appeals so much and works for me because instead of focusing on arbitrary things and stressing myself out and raising my cortisol levels and making weight loss even more difficult I'm focusing on what matters. 

What matters is living my life and not obsessing over food. Did I work out hard enough? Did I eat too much? Life is too short to be miserable.

Guess what this is working. I didn’t let myself eat french fries for almost an entire year you know what I’m eating french fries and guess what I’m losing weight. During the time I swore off french fries was I losing weight? No.

The thing about weight loss during the holiday's food is everything right now. Our Thanksgiving revolves around dinner. Christmas parties are all about food and drinks. When we celebrate food is the focus. Feeling the need to look our best is also a concern.

I’m not telling you if you’re overweight to stop dieting. What I’m saying is letting weight loss stress you out defeats the purpose.

I need to lose more weight, yet I'm not missing out on life in the next two months. I won't let the most wonderful time of the year become a nightmare because I'm afraid of gaining two pounds.

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Be reasonable if you eat Thanksgiving dinner and a slice of pie or you drink a cocktail you will not wake up the next morning weighing 5 pounds more.

If you overate the day before? What can you do? Well you make sure you get up, and you do your regular exercise routine, and if you can put an extra 10 or 15 minutes and skip on having a latte day or desert you won’t gain the weight.

One bad day will not ruin you as long as you make the rest of your day's good ones. 

We are at the time of year where the articles about losing weight next year and gym membership deals are everywhere.

If you want to lose 30 pounds, that’s fine the whole point is do not let weight loss take over your life. That’s the problem with diet and exercise programs like that your entire life revolves around the diet. 

Five small meals a day or hitting the gym six days a week is something most busy moms cannot do that long-term. We hardly have the time to eat or shower. Not that I’m saying that doesn’t work it works for some. Five small meals and six workouts a week is not reasonable for everyone. 

We should not expect what works for others to work for ourselves. We need to find what works best for us. For some, that means eating a little less and just buying clothes that fit.

Weight loss is not that complicated every day walk for half an hour. Sign up for the ballroom dancing class you’ve wanted to take.  Exercise does not have to be a bunch of high-intensity workouts. Exercise is about getting up and moving. 

You already have so much going on the last thing you need to worry about is measuring your portions or making sure you get 30 minutes on the elliptical at the gym. It’s not realistic for most people. It doesn’t matter what you are doing about as long as you’re moving.

Do what works for you. If that means being 5 pounds over your goal weight and being able to sleep in in the mornings, then do it. I assure you no one will notice those five pounds give or take. 

If that means hiring a trainer and having healthy meals delivered then do it. Do what is most comfortable for you. Live life your way. Do not be beholden to anything.

I know Margaret Cho went on Dancing With the Stars and lost even more weight. That does not change the initial message which is saying don't let this control your life. 

Live your life don't eat in excess. Diets do not work for everyone because diets are restricting what one eats. When you restrict your calories and fat yes, you will lose weight and too much. Then the rebound effect comes into play. Unless you continue on the path of restriction, the weight will come back hence the Yo-Yo dieting many experiences. What needs to happen is a lifestyle change.

So instead of dieting learn to eat a little less. Learn to move a lot more. I will enjoy an eggnog latte and Christmas cookies. So should you.


Update March 22:


I have lost nothing since I write this. My weight fluctuates by three pounds and that is normal. I have focused more on trying to hit the gym and weightlift and make sure I don't skip weight training. It's doing something. I have not lost weight but my stomach looks slimmer and I am toning up. Muscle helps burn fat so for now I am happy. 


I don't really watch what I eat but I make sure I don't over eat of stuff my face. I screw up more often than not and eat too much but I am doing well and I am sore. 

Lifting heavier weights on the hip abductor machine and on the squat press is helping me regain hip strength.

I regret dieting and counting calories it made me miserable and did not help my hip issues. Now that Ive taken a different approach I am happier and my hip is getting stronger. 

I had to scale back on running and as a result I am much faster. My speed and endurance has dramatically improved on the elliptical too. Listen to your body. Practice Intuitive Eating. Enjoy your life.

Stop obsessing over what you eat it's not worth the stress it causes.

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