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Top 10 Sephora Stocking Stuffers $10 Or Less

Top 10 Sephora Stocking Stuffers $10 Or Less

I get how expensive Christmas can be. If you have a makeup/beauty junkie in your life we can be really hard to shop for. It's always nice when someone points out items at Sephora that are budget friendly. 

Boscia Blotting papers are amazing. If you have oily skin these are great to use before applying makeup. I rarely have to powder my face anymore. Anyone can use them. 

I feel like the Sephora brand does not get enough love. These booties are fantastic. During the winter moisturizing your skin is vital and these are adorable. The hand masks match as well and are amazing. My favorite is the Avocado hand mask. 

I love Cinema Secrets brush spray. You spray a dirty brush and wipe it with a towel and it dries instantly. It is the easiest way to clean brushes. Honorable Mention goes to Sephora Collection Solid Brush cleaner. It's not fast and it does not dry instantly but I think it is better than Beauty Blender Solid Cleaner.  


Bare Minerals Gen Nude Liquid lipstick in the travel size is a staple in my purse. It's Bare Minerals which is one of my favorite natural makeup companies. It's comfortable and a neutral lip is beautiful for everyone.

I love the new Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Masks. If you have not tried a sheet mask yet you are missing out. This an easy and mazing way to give your skin some TLC.

Sephora's new clay masks are amazing. I have tried three so far and love them. I will be repurchasing. The pore mask works well. Better than Boscia's pore pudding.  

I adore High Impact Mascara and take the day off cleansing balm is awesome. It's a great gift. Sure it's trial size but it is still a good deal. 


I love the Invisi Bobble. Seriously I don't know how I lived without these. They are the best hair ties. 

Anything from Sephora's Rose collection is excellent. I love the sheet mask. Personally, I adore their eye masks. The Rose makeup remover wipes are my favorite makeup wipes. 

Klorane dry shampoo is the best. If you are like me and love dry shampoo but hate getting all of the white powder out, they have colored dry shampoo for darker hair. 


I hope these were some helpful suggestions. As a bonus here are some great Sephora boxed sets that you cannot go wrong with. Marry Christmas. 

Ulta 10 Items For $10 Or Less.

Ulta 10 Items For $10 Or Less.

Timesaving Cleaning Hacks

Timesaving Cleaning Hacks