Top 10 Sephora Items $15 Or Less

It's always nice when someone points out things at Sephora that are budget friendly. When a gift card that carries a balance ten to twenty dollars that can be hard to use. You can stretch that money far at Sephora if you learn what to search for such as trial sizes and clearance items. Below are this of my favorite Sephora items for ten dollars or fewer.

Boscia Blotting papers are terrific. These are wonderful for oily skin blot before applying makeup. I don't powder my face anymore. Anyone can use them. They are slender and do not add bulk to your bag, and you don't need a mirror to use them. 

The Sephora brand does not receive enough love. The booties are fantastic. My pick is the Avocado hand mask. I love slipping these on before bed and reading. Hand and foot masks keep hands and feet smooth and moisturized. With sandal season coming up a foot treatment is a good idea.

I love Cinema Secrets brush spray. You spray a dirty brush and wipe it with a towel and it dries in seconds. Cinema Secrets spray is the easiest way to clean brushes. Honorable Mention goes to Sephora Collection Solid Brush cleaner. It's not fast and takes hours to dry. I consider this a dupe for the Beauty Blender Solid Cleaner.  

The Sephora Collection Lipstick is a staple in my beauty routine. Sephora’s lipstick underrated and not talked about enough. For the price point they offer shades that rival Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss line. Sephora’s formula is much better though.

The Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Masks are amazing. If you haven't tried a sheet mask yet, you are missing out. Sheet masks are an easy way to give your skin TLC. I think of it as a lazy facial because you wear the mask once removed you pat in the serum. No rinsing involved. 

Sephora's new clay masks are fantastic. I have tried three so far and loved them. I will be repurchasing. The pore mask works well. Better than Boscia's pore pudding. I hope they sell these in a larger size. They are pricey for the size but I get over eight uses from each packet.

I love mascara and love trying high-end brands. Sephora carries travel size mascara. Trial size products are an excellent way to see if you enjoy the product. It's cheaper than the full size and most women never use a whole tube.

I love the Invisi Bobble. I don't know how I lived without these. They are the best hair ties. My hair never gets snagged. Ponytail headaches are no longer an issue for me. These keep my messy bun in place the entire day. These are worth the splurge. I hope they make headbands soon.

Sephora's Rose collection is excellent. I love the sheet masks. I adore their eye masks. The Rose makeup remover wipes are my favorite makeup wipes. The Rose face sheet mask makes your skin look amazing. I have not tried the hair mask yet but I want to try the hair mask. I have heard rave reviews.

Klorane dry shampoo is the best. I love dry shampoo but hate getting the white powder out they make a colored dry shampoo for darker hair. Dry shampoo is great for colored hair. Washing your hair will fade your color and dry shampoo does not.

I hope you get to try these products. I love Sephora even though the prices are high I have found I can stretch a gift card out. What are your favorite items from Sephora that are inexpensive?

If you are not on a budget here are great Sephora boxed sets you cannot go wrong with. as they allow you to trymanye items without a commitment to one pricy product.

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