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Tips For Meeting Charcters At Disneyland

Tips For Meeting Charcters At Disneyland

One question I answer the most is about character meet ups. How do you meet multiple characters in one day without standing in line for most of it? The answer is character dining and or arriving when the park opens. 

To make the most of your time, make character dining reservations at Goofy’s Kitchen, which will be expensive but has the best food. There is also the Storytellers Café at the Grand Californian with Brother Bear Characters. Surf's Up breakfast at the Paradise Pier Hotel is a fun option where you can meet Stitch. 

You can have breakfast before the parks open, meaning you can meet at least 4-5 characters before the park even opens. They come to your table, sign your autograph book, and pose for pictures. If you're traveling with kids, this is great. 

Interested in meeting the Princesses? There is the Royal Court in Fantasyland where the wait is anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. You will meet three princesses. Sometimes there is a princess outside, which means meeting four if you stand in two separate lines. 

The best value breakfast is at the Plaza Inn. Plan to make the rope drop, and go straight for a ride like Space Mountain and get a fast pass, then go to Plaza Inn for breakfast. I am suggesting the Plaza Inn because you will meet the most characters. You will get 5-7 characters.

Characters appear in both parks. Download the Disneyland app free to find character locations. Some stay out for a short period. Wait or come back. I suggest character dining because of this you meet many characters in a small span of time.

Disney Characters like the Fab Five and Chip and Dale visit the Disneyland Hotel. Visit the hotel check out each tower. There are amazing displays.

Not every character can sign an autograph book. Some characters do not have opposable thumbs. Always have your autograph book open and your pen ready for the characters. It is a lot easier for them to sign.

If you cannot or do not want to spend money on character dining than plan and use the Disneyland application. It will help you find more characters.

In California Adventure there are several spots to see characters. Earlier in the day, Disney Junior characters will be out. Superheroes will be near Monsters Inc near the stage and by the Bathrooms. Check with the app. 

It is not unusual to see members of the Fab Five on Buena Vista Street. Those lines get long.

If you want to meet Elena of Avalor ask if she will be at Pixar Pier. She can receive visitors at Paradise Pier Gazebo near Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta.

Main Street in Disneyland is the best place to meet characters in the morning. If you get to the parks early before ten in the morning, you can get a lot more meet and greets done., when the park opens, there are at least two characters doing meet and greets inside the entrance to Disneyland. 

In Fantasyland, you will meet Alice and the Mad Hatter. Sometimes Tweedle Dee and Dum walk around with the Queen of Hearts. Peter Pan and Captain Hook will make appearances. Mary Poppins and Burt walk around from time to time.

In New Orleans Square Woody and Jessie, make appearances. On the Mark Twain, you can meet Tiana and Dr. Facilier. If you are Disney Chase cardholders, there are card members exclusive photo ops. Check the app for information.

It's easier to find in characters in the morning. The characters will wander the land appropriate to their story. Like Peter Pan will be in Fantasyland. Arriving early as possible ensures you will see them.

Enjoy your visit. If you have questions, please ask.

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Character Dining: Plaza Inn

Character Dining: Plaza Inn