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Character Dining: Plaza Inn

Character Dining: Plaza Inn

Character dining is an amazing way to make memories. It's a reservation only dining option. Character dining is when you eat a meal with the Disney Characters. Most are a breakfast or lunch buffet. Plaza Inn is my favorite character dining for breakfast if you are on a budget. Character dining can be pricy.

This is the least expensive character breakfast. The Plaza Inn replaced the Red Wagon in 1965. The decor is Victorian and is famous for its fried chicken. Many people say Knott's Berry Farm has the best-fried chicken and Disney fans think they are wrong. I agree. The fried chicken was also one of Walt’s Disney's favorite things to eat from what I read.

Some dislike the breakfast buffet at Plaza Inn because there are not as many options as other character dining experiences. This is why Plaza Inn is less expensive. If you want all you can eat eggs benedict I reccomend Goofys Kitchen which costs more but its pretty amazing. 

The first time I dined here I was not impressed by the food. I have dined here several times since then and the food has gotten much better. The main complaint is sometimes the eggs are runny and the bacon is greasy. I feel that is usually the case towards then end of breakfast when less people are eating. If you get there early the dishes are refreshed often.

The food is truly no frills but that is ok. I feel that Plaza Inn serves most breakfast staples and would please most people. Try the made to order omelettes. They are the favorite of many of my friends and family members. They are delicious and filling.

I prefer the scrambled eggs and the bacon. They also offer sausage. I like the traditional breakfast foods they have here. They do not serve Mickey Mouse pancakes. Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante and Carnation Cafe serve Mickey Mouse pancakes.



They offer Biscuits and gravy for breakfast if you’re looking for something hearty. There is also French Toast and a Mickey Mouse waffles. If you dislike a hot breakfast try cold cereal and the fresh fruit. Muffins, croissants, and danish are another option.

You can drink orange juice, chocolate milk, soda, tea or coffee.

Be prepared for when the characters visit your table leave your autograph book open with the pen ready it is easier for the characters to sign your book. 

Honestly if you get here at the right time and get seconds you will not be hungry for many if not several hours. Character dining is a magical experience and worth every penny. Make sure you get your Plaza Inn button when you check in. There is also a special photo opportunity with Minnie Mouse after you check in.

Plan to arrive early and send someone to Space Mountain, which is close by for FastPasses. Space Mountain FastPasses are hard to get. Even if you get arrive early, sometimes you cannot go on the ride four hours. You can pass the time ride Space Mountain after breakfast.

If you have, any tips or questions, please comment below.

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