Plaza Inn Review

Sometimes when riding the Matterhorn you will think you can smell fried chicken. Or when entering Tomorrowland a delightful scent will stop you in your tracks. What you smell is the fried chicken from Plaza Inn.

The Plaza Inn is the best restaurant at Disneyland. Plaza Inn is not an opening day dining establishment. But technically Plaza Inn has been at Disneyland since opening. Originally the Red Wagon Inn an 1890's themed restaurant. On the left side was a dining area called The Inn Between. A cast member only dining area which has since moved. On August 22, 1960 someone robbed the Red Wagon Inn. Turns out a cast member named Richard Lowry faked the robbery. How crazy is that?

From the outside it may seem like a typical Disney restaurant. Plaza Inn is anything but. Doing what Disney seems to well Disney re-themed The Red Wagon Inn. The Plaza Inn replaced the Red Wagon in 1965. The decor is Victorian and is famous for its fried chicken. Plaza Inns fried chicken rivals Knotts Berry Farm's famous fried chicken. Less than 10 miles apart I can say without a doubt the Plaza Inn chicken is much better than Knotts.

Hands-down the fried chicken is the best thing at Disneyland proper. There’s something for everyone at Plaza Inn has pasta for children and picky eaters. Pot roast is another option if you desire a heartier dinner. Plaza Inn also serves Salmon. 

They serve everything cafeteria style and there is self seating. Plaza Inn is not the cheapest place to eat dinner. Nor is Plaza Inn the healthiest dining option. 

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I have asked in the past and they gave me two breasts so you could split the plate. It seems as the cast members at the Plaza Inn are eager to please. If you ask for certain substitutions within reason, they’ll make them. 

If you could only eat at one restaurant in the parks for your entire trip, pick eating here. Plaza Inn can provide a hearty, satisfying meal for every meal and you will want to come back again. 

The fried chicken is the best. Cooked to perfection the chicken is always moist. The skin is crispy with the perfect amount of spice. Served with mashed potatoes and gravy, a biscuit, and green beans this will fill you up. Plaza Inn is one of the few restaurants that’s open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Disneyland proper. 

I’m hoping now Pixar Fest is over they bring back the red velvet cake. Which is the best cake ever. The cream cheese frosting is perfection. 

If you are looking for a home-cooked meal, the Plaza Inn will deliver. Look out for the Little Red Wagon Corn Dog Cart outside is an homage to Plaza Inns Past. For, over fifty years Plaza Inn has the best fried Chicken In Orange County. Make sure you dine at Plaza Inn during your visit.

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