PiYo Week 2

I am glad I am taking my time writing my PiYo reviews. Because I realized that PiYo makes me furious. I even cussed at the television a few times. I need time to cool down before writing a review. It surprises me I dislike PiYo so much. I love to exercise and feel bad when I take a rest day. I dread doing the PiYo workouts and want to turn them off and pop in a different DVD.

The Shakeology ads are maddening. Chalene’s plugs her Turbo wear line in the DVD. Chalene also tells us to take a live class and if there is not one in my area become an instructor. I paid for the DVD’s so all those shameless plugs to make more money tick me off. The PiYo workout is not enough. I am struggling to make it through.

I wanted to do the 8-week program but now I’m considering doing only 4.

Most standard workouts the modification fitness model is showing appropriate exercises. Since you can strain or hurt your wrists and knee, the modifications fall short. If you have a large tummy or a large bust, you must find modifications on your own. Chalene prompts you to use a child’s pose if the workout gets too hard. Telling someone to stretch is not a modification. Besides that if your large chested or have a big belly child’s pose is hard to do. This workout is not fat friendly.

People with knee and wrist issues may have issues too. Not to mention Chalene gives little guidance on positioning. Many moves are a twist on the downward dog and to hold the position you cannot crane your neck at the tv. They do not show the modifications until we are on the third or fourth rep. The fact Chalene mentions the wrists getting stronger over time makes me worry. It concerns me she knew this program could might cause wrist pain.

I can preform almost all the advanced exercises and not break a sweat. I am providing my Fitbit data to help you understand that these workouts are a frustrating waste of time. If you need to whip your body back into shape fast, this won’t help. I’ve done a step workout that is about 18 minutes that burns three times the calories. PiYo promises to burn fat with a low impact workout. Cardio and calorie burning is not everything. But it is part of the equation and I am not getting much of either from PiYo.

The results I saw are because of Step Aerobics, running, and diet. To give you the Cliff Notes version I lost weight. Chalene says you will not see results until you get your nutrition in order. Diet alone will not help me lose weight or inches. 

I do not want to scare you if you are overweight. I do not want to leave you under the impression the workout is impossible. The modifications as they are right now may make it difficult to even preform certain poses. That is why I hate this workout it’s exclusive.

I avoided carbs and ate more melon. Once I did that I lost weight. I am against dieting and calorie counting and restricting my diet drives me crazy. But adding PiYo to the mix and eating a healthy diet was not good enough.

So far I intensely dislike PiYo. PiYo is too easy, but PiYo is causing me some serious wrist pain. I cannot wait to get through the next two weeks so I can quit.

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