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Why I Quit PiYo

Why I Quit PiYo

I would like to apologize for not posting an update sooner. I needed time to process what I wanted to say. For me quitting is never an option.

PiYo brought out a side of me I never knew existed. I became miserable and hated exercising. So five minutes into the fourth week's first workout I quit. Fe Fit was the workout I replaced PiYo with and do not regret it.

I never intended to quit. In fact, I wanted to stick with PiYo no matter what and finish the eight-week program. PiYo is so pretentious and annoying it became difficult to continue doing PiYo.


I purchased these DVDs with my money. The fact PiYo had commercials before and during the workout made me mad. Chalene talked up her Turbo Wear line. Pushed Shakeology and asked you to sign up for live Classes or to become a PiYo Instructor.

I didn’t pay good money to be sold stuff after I’ve already bought their program. I’ve been doing workout tapes from home for over 20 years now. This is the first time a workout tape from Beach Body (already has a crapton of ads) went the extra mile to make more money.

Second when the average woman in America is a size 16-18 there is no excuse not to show proper modifications. Women with large busts and tummies need that help. A workout where you are on all fours must take this into consideration.

PiYo touts a weight free workout. They emphasize no jumping but they do a Sumo Burpee. The workout promises hard-core results with a low impact workout. Which is a bunch of bullshit.

There’s no excuse not to make an inclusive workout. Before I started PiYo, I researched I wanted to make sure PiYo would not hurt my back or my hip. I am reading a review right now. The writer says modifiers for the win but the reviewer is already a thin and fit woman.

Over half of our population is a size 14 or larger. The problem is most exercise tapes are excluding the plus size community. Pardon the pun we are the biggest part of the population. They’re not making sure someone shows the proper modification for plus sized people. You can be fat and fit.

The outside isn’t always a reflection of what’s inside you can be skinny and very unhealthy. Thin on the outside fat on the inside is real.

Look at Leslie Sansone's walking workouts. Her walkers are men and women and are a mix shapes and sizes. Some walkers are skinny. No matter your size she has someone you can follow along with. These are the exercise tapes I want. Something that helps me when I am at my worst and works when I am at my best. Most of all her walkers are smiling and having fun.


We are all have different body types. I’m overweight and with strong thighs. I can do hundreds lunges and squats and not flinch. I can do a lot of exercises but I need help with things like Burpee’s and mountain climbers. With a bad back and a bad hip they’re not the smartest thing for me to be doing.

PiYo does not provide proper modifications. Most of the modifications are appropriate. But because they didn’t show her until after 4-5 reps I became even more annoyed. How am I supposed to follow along if I have to wait to see what I need to be doing?


Earlier Jari Love workout tapes are phenomenal. Because they would tell you what you’re doing how much weight they would use and how to modify before they started. A fitness model also showed each exercise before each segment. If you are a two hundred pound female, you can do all the exercises with no issues.

That’s the problem PiYo's lack of inclusion. That makes it seem like Chalene and Beach Body didn’t give a shit about plus size people. PiYo is about taking an already beautiful body and making it even more beautiful. That’s the problem low impact, weightless, with no jumping it is perfect for obese people. Low Impact is also good for those with a bad, backs, knees, or hips. Yet here we are with crappy modifiers and a lot of time spent straining our wrists and knees.

PiYo made me feel like roadkill that was being poked by an insolent child with a stick. I never felt that way until I started PiYo. Which saddens me because I love Turbo Jam. Those modifications were great. I never felt fat, slow, or inept and I even took the live classes.

So I decided after three weeks and five minutes into the first workout of the fourth week to quit. Many wonderful workouts for plus sized women exist, and this is not one.

The sad part is few people voiced a negative opinion. I have gone back to Fe Fit which is time effective and does not make me feel like a fat piece of poop. I am much happier now I have.

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