Oga's Cantina At Disneyland Review

I finally snagged Oga’s Cantina reservation and could not wait to go. Oga’s Cantina sounds amazing on paper. I am not a Star Wars fan and even I was excited. We thought it would resemble Mos Eisley Cantina, and it does somewhat.

Reservations are scarce. You must line up outside 15 minutes before your reservation. Many don’t know Oga’s Cantina is reservation only. The line to get in is long. You need to show up at least 15 minutes or you will be late. Once a cast member greets the line those without reservation leave.

But, then there is the spiel. There is a strict two drink limit. They tell you you have exactly 45 minutes, and it is mostly standing room only. That if you move you are done. We were told this loudly as the cast announced the rules to everyone. I may add although they serve alcohol it is family friendly?

I saw many kids. The site even says one person in the party must be 14 years or older. Nowhere does it say Oga’s is for adults only so we assumed it was a family friendly establishment? I brought my daughter because she wanted a Porg cup. More on that later. 

You have no choice you go where the cast member leads you. For us this was one of the several counters. No chairs. So kids like mine and the girl at the next table are spending their time trying to avoid being stepped on by adults.

This was before the party we had to share our counter with arrived.

This was before the party we had to share our counter with arrived.

You also have to share your counter. This was the only things I disliked about Big Thunder Ranch BBQ you had to share tables. With how much we pay we should have our own tables. The problem was the group that came a few minutes later were total jerks. There were 5 adults. As we stood and waited for service they started inching us out. Pushing us down till we literally had no room. We did not know what to do. At one point we had our daughter sit on the table because they were stepping on her. 

My husband and I tried to decide if we should find a manager. These people were making us miserable. We were paying good money to be there (they were too) and we deserved room. I understand it is not Disney’s fault other people were rude. However, perhaps families with kids should get the booths. I think they should put together groups with kids on one side.

The problem is, if you have smaller kids in your party the counter is too high. Smaller kids are hard to see unless you are looking down and they cannot reach the counter. 

The menu itself is a letdown. There are no prices the souvenir cups. Online or on the physical menu. There was one snack item but its description online was Batuu Bits a light crisp Snack Mix from the galaxy. What does that even mean? When we saw the snack mix at another table, it looked nasty and not worth $8 for whatever it is.

So my husband and I ordered 2 drinks apiece. I ordered the White Wampa Ale and the Toniray. My husband ordered Yub Nub and a Fuzzy Taiuntaun. Our daughter ordered the Cliff Dweller which is a non-alcoholic drink. She wanted a Blue Bantha (milk and cookie) but was told the porg cup only came with the Cliff Dweller.

We had to pay so we could get our drinks. No big deal. Well, it was when the bill came and we realized the porg glass was $40. That the bill was nearly $100 without a tip. 

Then a woman in the party next to us pushed trash at us with her cell phone. She pushed it over to me. Then her husband pushed me down more to where his arm was on the trash.

One of the men who was sharing our table was practically on top of me.

One of the men who was sharing our table was practically on top of me.

I got sick of their rudeness and begged our server to let us stand at that bar. We spent over $100. They were stepping on my kid and making sure we had nowhere to go so they could get the counter to themselves. The man next to me was practically on top of me. I had no room to move my left arm.

We moved to the bar. I would love to say our visit to Oga’s Cantina got better. But Oga’s Cantina was busy. There was no room. 

I felt like Oga’s Cantina is a one and done Disney experience. It’s not a friendly place to hang out. It’s cold and impersonal. I feel like they want to to come in get your drink and leave.

There was no manager in sight. It is not the servers job to seat or deal with customers who are having issues with other customers.

This is Oga’s biggest flaw. Lack of seating. If you have been at Disneyland all day especially when it is hot you want to sit. I do not get why they did not make the cantina bigger and have multiple two and four top tables?

This is my main complaint about Oga’s Cantina you must sit/stand with other parties. And the setup is not family friendly. You cannot predict how people will act. I think mostly many will do their thing and ignore you. However, there are rude people. So I am not a fan of the standing room shared counter-space.

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Especially when children will be present. Give them somewhere to sit or play. There is a droid DJ and nowhere for the kids to dance. The atmosphere in Oga’s would improve if there was dancing. 

I get kids are not everyone’s favorite but this is Disneyland.  There should have be a family side. And a side for adults. I have kids. But I understand not wanting to hang out with them at a bar. Especially when we leave the kids at home. Oga’s could have been great for date nights. Still the lack of inclusivity for kids is a drawback.

Without, banning kids outright it makes the atmosphere wishy washy. Is it a bar? Is it a family establishment? Kids are allowed. Yet nearly a thing for them to eat or to entertain them. They should rip out a counter on the side with the DJ so kids can dance, and offer stools for kids to stand on. The right should be for adults only.

The second issue is the limited menu. There are drinks yes. But at a bar even with a drink limit you need food. Some sliders or fries would have been a nice option. Perhaps a Jabba the Hutt shaped pretzel?

There is one fight, and it is ridiculously expensive. Some do not want the souvenir board. The wine is expensive for the quality. I know drinks will cost more at Disney. I do not mind neither. The Toniray tasted like Chardonnay with some food coloring and additives. It was not good. For 13 dollars a glass I expect better. I should have tasted the apples I did not.

The White Whampa ale was ok. I did not taste the hints of banana or citrus. It was actually a little bitter for a Hefeweizen which is usually my favorite. My husband had the mixed drinks which were ok. Not memorable at all. The drinks are not that special regular mixed drinks with Star Wars themed names. Oga’s Cantina is another themed bar.

If you want to have fun at a Disneyland bar, go to Trader Sams or Lamplight Lounge. Drinks are still expensive.  Remember this is Disney. But you will have a better time. 

You may have to wait to get into the Lamplight Lounge bar. But it’s never that bad and you get your own table unless you ask for the bar. The drinks are standard with more variety. So is the food. 

Trader Sams is an experience within itself and tons of fun. The drinks are strong because they do not over pour.

Oga’s may look and seem cool but it was a big letdown especially for my husband who is a diehard Star Wars fan. He liked the decor, but the cramping was too much for him. Overall, I would say visit Oga’s if you can but don’t expect too much. You won’t feel disappointed that way. 

Oga's Cantina Review. #Batuu #StarWars #StarWarsLand #OgasCantina #Ogas #Disneyland #Disney #StarWarsGalaxysEdge