5 Things I Will Never Do Again At Mickey's Halloween Party

I have written so many posts about Mickeys Halloween Party. I felt I said it all, until I attended the first party for 2018. I learned a few new tricks.

I learned some helpful information I thought I would relay across. There are five things I will never do ever again at Mickey’s Halloween party. As an old pro, I hope you take this advice because it would be very helpful for you. These tips will help you enjoy the party much more.

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The first thing I will never do again at Mickey’s Halloween party is the Toontown pre-party. In my other posts on Mickey’s Halloween Party I always said its a do-not-miss. I stated that people lineup before the party starts and the lines can get long. I’ve always waited to go to Toontown. I visited Toontown past 5:30 and it was not worth it.

I stood in one line for about 45 minutes and they gave me more apples and carrots than candy. Apples and carrots are fine, but some people don’t want to stand in line for 45 minutes for apple slices. These are perishable items that need refrigeration at some point. I will not eat 10 packs of apples in one night. 

Disney also skimped on the Toontown entertainment this year. A stilt walker and some face characters used to entertain people. The photo opportunity line for Mickey is too long. Other than trick-or-treating, the pre-party is boring. The pre-party is perfect to ride Gadgets Go Coaster or go on Roger Rabbit quickly. 

The pre-party is not worth my time. We forget that our time is valuable. You’re paying a hundred dollars for a five hour event. If you spend over an hour for a couple pieces of candy, you’re wasting time. You could go on rides or enjoy entertainment somewhere else. I will never attend the pre-party again. 

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I will never watch the first parade. I spent money to attend this party. There are other special things to do you cannot do normally unless you have a ticket. Why spend an hour on the sidewalk waiting for a parade? We used to get something to eat and wait on the sidewalk.

We arrived on Main Street where the second parade started, about 25 minutes before the pre-parade entertainment. It was worth it. Disney villains came busting out of the door on Main Street! We saw most of the villains! No waiting in line. Most of them roam but will take a quick picture. Main Street is the best place to view the parade just as it’s coming out or finishing up. 

I will never wear shoes that match my costume. I will wear shoes that are comfortable. Sometimes when you dress up wearing sneakers doesn’t look right. If you’re dressed in a costume, I recommend wearing sneakers. Make sure your footwear will be comfortable. Even I forget how much walking you can do. The party is 5 hours long and if you take advantage of the three hours you’re allowed in before you’re at Disneyland for eight hours. Odds are you will end up walking about 8-9 miles so just wear comfortable shoes. 

The fourth thing I will never do is start trick-or-treating exactly at 6 o’clock when everyone else does. This is the best time to visit the restaurants and get your food, while everyone’s getting in those treat lines. The first few hours, most treat trails have long lines. Get your food earlier in the night, that way you’ll have more energy and can eat in peace. 

The fifth and final thing I will never do at Mickey’s Halloween party again is stay until the party ends. When the second parade starts on Main Street, there is only about 25 minutes left after the parade passes. The parade goes towards of all the rides and treat trails; it isn’t worth it to have to get through all those people.

We left early, and we got out of there peacefully, with no crowds on the elevators and escalators, and no traffic. If you’ve ever stayed till closing on a busy night or during an event, everyone leaving at the same time can be a problem. It can take an hour to get to your car even if you walk on a crowded night, so take advantage of leaving early if you can. 

I hope these tips will help you have an amazing night at Mickey’s Halloween Party. Please read my other Disney posts for helpful tips.

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