What To Do When You Lose Something At Disneyland

It’s inconvenient to lose something. A phone, a key, or even a hat. One Disney topic I hear little about is what to do when you lose something. If you check the Disneyland website, the site will tell you where the lost and found is. Disney will also give you a phone number to call.

When you lose something either a Cast Member will pick it up and put it in a bin. Or a guest will find it. If another guest finds your item odds are they will turn in where you lost it. Or leave it somewhere. 

For example, if you drop something on Main Street someone may put it on top of the trash can. When you go to Disneyland or Walt Disney World, you’ll see random items on top of trash cans. A child’s shoe, pacifiers, Disney buttons and pins, and even baby bottles. I see lots of different lost items end up on top of the trashcan.

So if you lose something I would backtrack to where you remember having that item last. I would also look on top of the trashcans along the way. 

If you’re certain about where you lost your item and you don’t see it find the nearest Cast Member. For example, if you lost something at a restaurant ask a busser or the host /hostess if anyone turned in your item. So here’s the deal there is no official explanation of what happens when your item gets lost. I have asked Cast Members. 

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Since I am related to Cast Members, they have told me that lost items go in a bin and turned in at the end of the night. Cast Members tell me sometimes the bin does not get turned in. The bin may take days for lost items to get to the lost and found.

Sometimes a lost item is returned directly to the lost and found. The lost and found is next to the main entrance to Disneyland.

I have seen security turn in a lost cell phone and guests who find items drop them off. So if you lose an item you call and report it as soon as possible. But don’t expect for them to find it within 24 hours. It can take days to find out if they found your item. 

I’ve experienced losing an item on three different occasions. Each with three different outcomes.

July of last year my sister came with us and lost her car keys. We did not find them. We backtracked, and we checked where we had been throughout the day. Next stop was the lost and found. We waited in line for about 10 minutes and filed a report. They called the next day and told her someone turned in her keys and she picked them up. 

The second scenario was I lost my makeup bag. This was upsetting for me because my favorite makeup was in the bag. I don’t know when I lost it. When I got in the car that night it was no longer in our backpack.

That leaves us with three different scenarios in one my makeup bag fell out of our backpack. Two we left the backpack in the stroller and someone stole my makeup bag. Three I took it out and used it and forgot to put it back and left it on a bench or table somewhere.

I called the next day and stopped by the lost and found days later. Out of desperation I emailed and called several times. This was seven months ago. They never turned my bag in. It is likely someone kept the bag. 


I lost my Minnie Mouse ears last month. Lost Minnie Ears are common. I see them everywhere mostly on the ground and most often inside attractions. I knew I had lost them as I was leaving the park.

When boarding It’s a Small World I had my ears. The park closed as after I disembarked. I noticed they were missing on Main Street. I figured I was better off calling in the morning.

So I called the next day. They told me they would give me a courtesy call if they found my ears. After a few days I heard nothing. I stopped by the lost and found. I have a pass and I wanted my ears as they were Christmas ears.

Since my sister picked her keys up, I figured I could pick my ears up too. The Cast Member who took my report forget to indicate I was expecting a call. After waiting in line they told me they mailed my ears. I asked a Cast Member to explain the lost and found procedure. They told me they mail most items. 

What most people don’t know is if you lose something when Disneyland finds it they will mail it to you. When I got my ears in the mail, I knew they were not mine. My ears were brand new and still had the label attached to them. Someone cut the label, and it was frayed. So if you lose something like a hat or headband that popular in the parks you should backtrack.

These are common items and unless you label them, there is no way of knowing who they belong to. I lost a popular pair of ears. Odds are I was not the only one who lost red Christmas Minnie Ears in Fantasyland that day. 

Anytime you lose something search for it yourself before you leave the park if you can. Even if several hours have passed if you return to the location where you lost the item. Ask a Cast Member if anyone put the item in the bin.

I am grateful that Disneyland sent ears, but they were not mine. And since I had just bought them and there was nothing I could do about the situation, I kept the ears.

When someone loses something, look for it if possible. If you do not want to backtrack, you can call or visit the lost and found as you are leaving the park. Remember, it can take time for Disney to log lost items in. Be aware Disney does not find everything. Once you fill out a report and they find the item the odds are, they will mail it to your home. 

Bottom line is if you can’t find something you’ve lost at Disneyland you should always go to the lost and found. If you don’t realize you lost something until you get home call. Disneyland will try to get that item back to you. It also never hurts to label your items either.

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