How To Have Romantic Kidless Disneyland Date

Disneyland is a magical place. Many couples go on dates here. Spend their honeymoon at Disneyland. Even propose here. You can even get married at Disneyland. Not everyone associates romance with Disney. When you think of Disneyland, you may think of food, rides, castles, and kids.

When you envision Disneyland you can see how unromantic certain aspects are. Plus, there are kids everywhere and most of us think a romantic date is kid free. I have attempted to have a few kid free romantic dates at Disneyland with my husband. By doing so, I have learned a lot of great tips and tricks. That I am sharing now with you to help you have a more magical and romantic trip.


If you are looking to escape your children for Valentines day, an anniversary, or a date night plan. There will be many kids at Disneyland. You will notice after the fireworks many families with kids leave. You also have to consider that many pass holders are locals who visit after school and work. Take advantage of the first two to three hours after Disneyland opens. Or the hour before Disneyland closes.

I love kids. Chances are you do too. Sometimes parents need that time away from children to recharge. The last thing some adults want when having a kid free experience is dealing with other people’s kids. Sometimes kids detract from the romance. I recommend spending the afternoon and evening having experiences. Rather than going on rides.

First don’t go for rope drop. Get extra sleep. Taking it easy helps make the trip more relaxing and you avoid the opening lines at the admission gates. Roll in 30 minutes to an hour after the park opens.  

There are many activities couples can enjoy while avoiding children. Logically you would avoid any place where children will be. But at Disneyland they’re everywhere. Most people would avoid Fantasyland. Because the dark rides can be romantic, I would not skip it. Either before noon before lines get long. Or an hour before closing. During those hours lines go by fast sometimes you can walk on the rides.

In the morning ride as many rides as possible. Pick rides that run out of FastPasses like Radiator Springs Racers. This way you will not worry about getting FastPass or MaxPass. Or standing in the longer lines with tired or hungry kids. Spend the afternoon making memories by having experiences rather than rides.

You could go to New Orleans Square or Pixar Pier and pose for a character sketch . Get some Mickey Mouse Beignets and a Mint Julip and sit on a bench at the lower level of the Hungry Bear Resturant. The view of the Rivers of America is stunning. You could even go to the silhouette studio on Main Street. Pixar Pier has games. You can try winning each other a stuffed animal. Ride the Pixar Pal Around and enjoy the view. 

My husband was very clearly having fun. While everyone else was not. Lol.

My husband was very clearly having fun. While everyone else was not. Lol.

Go on, all the mountains. Roller Coaster’s can be romantic get a FastPass or MaxPass for Space Mountain. Start at Splash Mountain, then go on Big Thunder Mountain. Follow up with the Matterhorn and Space Mountain. Yes, I consider the Matterhorn one of the mountain rides. 

Make sure you make a lunch reservation earlier in the day 11-12 before the lunch rush. I recommend for atmosphere Blue Bayou. If you want to sit in the Pirates of the Caribbean section tell host or hostess. You cannot reserve a table in the attraction but it never hurts to ask. Dining in the Pirates section is one of the most romantic experiences at Disneyland. 

Steakhouse 55 and the Napa Rose are also romantic. But can be expensive. Many people overlook Wine Country Trattoria. I reviewed the pasta at Disneyland you can read that post here. It’s not my favorite pasta yet it is great. Sometimes there’s even live music. It’s also more affordable than any of the other romantic restaurants suggested.

Visit the Alfresco Tasting Terrace at Wine Country Trattoria. This is a hidden spot in California Adventure is upstairs by the check in area. There is a secret 21 and over bar in Cathay Circle. You can get the details here. Word is it is an amazing bar. You can relax and enjoy a conversation without interruptions. A perfect escape when park attendance peaks because hardly anyone knows they exist. Carthay Lounge does not require a prior reservation but you will wait if you prefer to relax indoors and enjoy a cocktail. All three bars are excellent. The Carthay Lounge is the most romantic of all three. The other two bars are covered terraces. 


The Lamplight Lounge is a wonderful place to escape to. If you want to sit at the bar outside ask. The lines are usually not that long. The bar is a fantastic place to watch World of Color. Arrive about an hour before the show. If you arrive shortly before World of Color the bar will be closed. As long as you order from the menu the cast members usually allow you to stay.

If you want to relax and unwind mid-day go the Grand Californian and relax at the Hearthstone Lodge. Then have a couple’s massage at the Mandara Spa book your reservation ASAP. 

A stroll through Radiator Springs at night can be romantic. All of those neon lights. A ride on Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters means you can cuddle. You can go to the Cozy Cone and get a churro or ice cream cone for a late-night snack you can split.

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Last but not least, you could peruse the grounds of the Disneyland Hotel. Check out the Rose Garden because it is romantic. If you end your stroll at Trader Sams, you can enjoy cocktails in the dimly lit bar. It is easy to find romantic places and experiences at Disneyland even when crowded. I hope your Disneyland date is amazing.

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