Why I Use Snail Face Cream

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I recently tried snail face cream. Most people would feel queasy about using snail face cream. They make snail face cream with snail mucin. A nicer way of saying snail slime. I heard a lot of great things about snail mucin the past year.

At first I could not get past how gross it sounded. I also had a million questions. Did they kill the snails? Do the snails suffer? How is it made and so on? Even the quality of the life of the snail factored into my decision making progress. I am weird like that. I worry the family goldfish is lonely.

It’s not that unusual to care about animals. While I am not a vegan, I feel conscientious about what products I use and eat. I would never buy snail mucin products if I thought the harvesting harmed the snails.

Some blogs say mucin extract manufacturing hurts snails, so I spent hours researching. I agonized over whether to post this content. Doing research was no help. I felt several articles and blog posts on the subject were biased.

Some sources I found opposed to the use of snail mucin were hypocritical. One popular article on snail mucin quotes a source for the con side I could not link to in good conscious. As the organization has put shelter animals to sleep in the past. I want you to understand I care about the snails.

Most articles and posts from both sides lacked any evidence. This post by Tina Cho which I read first made the most impact. She mentioned COSRX, and I looked into the brand further.

The consensus was that they care for the snails and try not to stress them out. Anyone who said otherwise was referring to an essence extraction method that’s outdated. That method is condoned and possibly illegal. It’s unclear if extraction under Korean cruelty free law is cruelty. This post by the New York Strategists also eased my worries.

I posted this because there is so much misinformation and secrecy in the beauty industry. No matter what you read it’s your decision. There are two sides to every coin.

Because a company does not disclose trade secrets that does not mean they did anything wrong. It is likely that company wants to stay in business. You need to approach confidentiality with a healthy dose of skepticism. Not all secrets are bad.

So in hindsight this blogger with a slight guilt complex has concluded that the snails are ok. I would not publish this content if I were uncertain.

Moving on. So this is how I started using snail mucin.

I joined FaceTory awhile ago because they mail you K-Beauty masks every month. When they sent me a Snail Essence mask, I saw that as a nudge I should try snail mucin. I had been seeing Snail Essence everywhere for months and was wondering if it was worth the hype. 

The fact it was slime was more concerning at first. I had researched snail mucin but could not get past the ick factor. A sheet mask seemed a less disgusting than the essence. Upon inspection it was no different that any sheet mask. It was not slimy at all.

I have rosacea which sucks! My skin type is combination skin. I have to be careful what I use. I need moisture but too much makes my skin oily. The snail essence mask made my skin looked amazing. 

For anyone with skin issues if a product makes you feel good you know it’s worth using again. So I bought more snail sheet masks.

If you know me, I hate leaving my house without makeup because my rosacea is embarrassing. I had found Dr. Jart Cicapair helped its main ingredient is Tiger Grass. Yet I could not afford to use it twice a day as needed. Cicapair retails for $48.

The sheet masks made me do more research because snail mucin is not as expensive as Tiger Grass.

COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence is what I found. At $21 a bottle it was a bargain compared to Cicapair. I would recommend you read the reviews on Influenster. Reviews can be helpful in deciding if a product is for you. Influenster reviewers skin type is also included, which is helpful. 

I am not telling you to ignore any research or data on skincare. I want you to educate yourself on what you are using. But you must read reviews. Since I have focused more on deciding on what or what not to buy based on reviews, I rarely buy products that do not work.

I am glad I read a lot of reviews on snail essence. I read them everywhere. Ulta, Amazon, SokoGlam, DermStore and Influenster. The feedback I heard was more encouraging than forum posts and blogs posts. Product reviews hold more weight with me. As an influencer myself I can spot a crappy or fake review. So before googling studies I read reviews.

The COSRX Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence has done nothing but amazing things for my skin. Since it absorbs easily, I can mix my serum into it for better results. I have received several compliments on my complexion since adding it to my skin care routine.

My serum is working better. The brown spots on my face are fading. My skin texture is improving. My redness is almost non-existent on my chin. The redness on my nose and cheeks has improved dramatically. My acne is improving and I have fewer breakouts. 

I urge you to read more about snail mucin. This post from Charlottes Book was helpful.

This study was encouraging. Mucus from the common garden snail can help reverse the signs of photoaging.

This study here says snail mucin is an effective anti-aging product.  

Another study on photoaging.

A study on how snail slime can heal open wounds.

Sometimes before and after photos proof are enough.

Snail Mucin can hydrate, soothe, and can reverse the signs of aging. Snail essence is a godsend. I no longer have to apply several products to my skin that cause me to produce extra oil. COSRX Snail Essence is a miracle in a bottle.

Many people with rosacea are unaware that snail essence is a treatment option. They have tried everything including Retin- A and antibiotics which I hated. They dried out my skin and made my skin more sensitive to sun damage.

Even if you do not have rosacea, this product can make your skin look amazing. If snail mucus is not a deterrent. After the slime is harvested, it undergoes processing and manufacturing. Snail Essence is not pure slime.

If you are looking for a product that can give you amazing skin, give snail essence a try. When applied regularly redness is reduced. Facial scarring can show signs of improvement.

There are skincare products on the market with horrible ingredients. Compared to the ingredients in most beauty products, snail slime does not seem that bad.     

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