How To Prevent Your Concealer From Creasing

If you have issues with your concealer creasing you know how frustrating creasing can be. There can be many difference reasons your concealer creases. Keep in mind that creasing will happen if you wear makeup long enough. Also, some concealers just crease. No matter what! If the coverage is good, you may have to smooth the creasing out during touch ups.

It may shock you to know baking can cause creasing. Although it prevents it for others. Baking can make creasing worse. So if your baking and your concealer is still creasing stop. Also, some concealers just crease.

You’re adding more product to accumulate in your fine lines. Powder can also dry out the delicate under eye area. I get it works for some beauty gurus but they use very expensive skin care products. Odds are that is keeping their makeup from creasing. Those products are preventing the talc powders from drying out their under eye area.

A hydraulic acid moisturizer is prefect to use before priming your under eye area. Wayne Goss says to put on moisturizer and then apply even more moisturizer. I put on a moisturizer, skin plumper, and eye cream. Moisture will plump out fine lines.

How to prevent your concealer from creasing. #makeup #makeuptutorial #beautyblogger #concealer

An under-eye mask may help a lot with a few issues. Wear the eye mask treatment when applying eyeshadow for a well rested and hydrated under eye. The strips will deal with the eyeshadow fallout. And the masks give your under-eye area smoother skin.

After removing the strips apply eyeshadow primer under your eyes. This will help prevent creasing. I will also use a pore filling primer near the outer eye area. I apply it where I crease to help fill in the lines. A drop or two of primer mixed in with your concealer may prevent creasing.

A few drops of primer oil on your beauty blender may help blend your concealer. For some this makes a huge difference. I have noticed when I do this my bottom lash mascara smudges more so remember one drop of oil can go a long way.

I carry a Beauty Blender mini to blend my concealer if it creases. It works well for touch ups and removing smudged mascara from my under eyes.

I know this may seem like a lot of work. Many of these steps take seconds. Concealer can crease on anyone. These tips can make a huge difference in how your concealer preforms. 

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How to prevent your concealer from creasing. #makeup #makeuptutorial #beautyblogger #concealer