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Fenty Match Stix Review Plus Preventing Creasing

Fenty Match Stix Review Plus Preventing Creasing

I was curious about Fenty Makeup. Everyone has been raving about the Match Stix. The problem is, I love my Make Up For Ever Ulta HD concealer. I already found a Holy Grail product.  

When I ran out of my Ulta HD Concealer,  I gave Fenty Match Stix a try. I figured if the Match Stix does not work I can exchange Match Stix for my usual concealer. I like natural lighter coverage to highlight the under eye area. This one dries to a powder finish, and I feared the formula may make my under eye area look dry or highlight my fine lines.

We all have lines under our eyes. It's a part of life. We get them from laughing, smiling, squinting, and making faces.

I love my Ultra HD Concealer because it does not a crease. I was doubtful that Match Stix could rival my holy grail concealer. 

The packaging is nice. Match Styx is a stick concealer, not a liquid, so less will go to the waste as you apply it to the skin. My Ultra HD comes in a squeeze tube which I hate, to be honest. Much of it has gone to waste.

The application was not the easiest. Blending is difficult. It is cream to powder formula, but I thought it dried rather fast for cream hence the hard time blending. It applies best with a damp beauty blender.

Fenty Match Stix looked natural. What surprised me was I liked the Match Stix so much. Match Stix did not crease at all! I wore it for about 14 hours, and it did not budge. It did not break down. So far I am impressed. I will not be returning my Match Styx concealer. I recommend trying the Match Stix if you are looking for a new concealer.


If you have issues with creasing follow these tips. Baking can make creasing worse. So if your baking and still creasing stop. You're just adding more product to accumulate in your fine lines. Powder can also dry out the delicate under eye area. Stop baking Y'all. I get it works for some beauty gurus but they use very expensive skin care products. Odds are that is keeping their makeup from creasing and preventing the talc powders from drying out their under eye area. 

I get baking works for many people. However, that does not adjudicate that for many people it makes creasing worse.

Try using a hydraulic acid moisturizer before priming. Moisturize the under eye area as part of your skin prep. Wayne Goss says to put on moisturizer. Then put on more. I put on a moisturizer. Skin plumper, and eye cream. Moisture will plump out fine lines.

Consider using an under-eye mask. Prep your skin and prime your face. Apply the under-eye mask strips and do your eyeshadow. The strips will deal with the eyeshadow fallout and give your under-eye area smoother skin.

After removing the strips apply eyeshadow primer under your eyes. This will help prevent creasing. I will also use a pore filling primer near the outer eye area. I apply it where I crease to help fill in the lines.

Consider mixing a drop or two of primer with your concealer to prevent creasing.

Putting a few drops of primer oil on your beauty blender may help blend your concealer. For some this makes a huge difference. I have noticed when I do this my bottom lash mascara smudges more so remember one drop of oil can go a long way.

I carry a Beauty Blender Blotterazzi in my bag to blend my concealer if it creases. It does nothing for shine, but I like it for touch ups and removing smudged mascara from my under eyes.

I know this may seem like a lot of work. It does not take long and makes a huge difference. Concealer can crease on anyone. These tips can make a huge difference in how your concealer preforms.

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