SingleCare Making Healthcare and Prescriptions Affordable

This post is sponsored by SingleCare. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Being uninsured is a financial burden. When you cannot afford health insurance an illness or injury can wipe you out. I have been through this as have many others.

Going to the doctors can get expensive. Prescriptions are very expensive too.  I have worked in a pharmacy and some prescription drugs are hundreds of dollars for a thirty day supply. I wish I had known about SingleCare a long time ago. SingleCare is a company that offers free discounts on prescriptions, dental visits, vision visits, video doctor visits.

For prescriptions, you can really save so much money (up to 80%) and the process is so easy. Just search the SingleCare prescription data base with your zip code and drug name. They give you the names of their partner pharmacies in your local area along with the prices, and a coupon. It’s great that the site and app allow you to compare prices to see where you can save the most. They accept the pharmacy saving card nationwide at over 35,000 pharmacies. 

This includes: 

Harris Teeter 
Duane Reade


Show your SingleCare card to the pharmacist. Ask the pharmacist to process your prescription using the BIN and PCN number found on your card. It is that simple. SingleCare membership is free. There are no fees or premiums. 

For vision SingleCare has Partnered with Wal-Mart Vision Center. My son wears glasses. We paid for glasses out of pocket with no insurance for years. If we had known about SingleCare, we could have saved so much, not just on glasses but for eye exams, contact lens fittings, and Lasik. 

MeMd provides video doctor visits. Perfect for when you need treatment for common illnesses like a sore throat or pink eye. Before I knew about SingleCare, I was paying $75 per video doctor appointment. The SingleCare price with meMD $45 per visit. That is less than my old insurance deductible and that savings over time adds up. 

Video doctor visits have saved me so much money and stress. When insured my co-payment was more than the cost of a MeMd visit. Best part was I never had to leave the house. Not having insurance sucks. It does not have to mean you have to spend more money to seek treatment or get medication. 

A simple search will match you with a local dentist. My dentist was already a provider. A simple search will match you with a local dentist. My dentist was already a provider. When using a SingleCare provider you can save up to 55% on dental services. This includes dental exams, teeth whitening, dentures, implants, extractions, and fillings. I am cringing now I know I could have found a dentist that would have given me a discount. My number one expense has been dentist visits. I could have saved so much money. 

Members are responsible only for the services they receive by visiting providers. How SingleCare works with providers to show prices for each service offered. Which helps you to estimate the cost of your procedure. The prices include a small administrative fee, which helps SingleCare cover costs. This enables SingleCare to establish more partnerships and save more. It is only when members save money does SingleCare make money.

In your account dashboard you will keep a method of payment on file. When you have an appointment, you will pay via SingleCare instead of your doctor. SingleCare charges your account for the discounted appointment and reimburses your doctor. 

I am grateful for SingleCare. When I get sick or need a prescription filled, they save me money. I love the fact I can use MeMD at a discount. When sick you do not want to leave the house. Because they partner with CVS I can go through the drive trough pharmacy. The drive though is convenient when you don’t want to leave the car. It also keeps you from spreading germs. If you are uninsured, I recommend you visit SingleCare and sign up. After all SingleCare is free and can save you a lot of money.

Why you need to use SingleCare.