MNSSHP and Oogie Boogie Bash Without Kids

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Many ask is it ok for Adults to attend a Disney Halloween Party without children? I encourage it. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party or Oogie Boogie Bash are fun for all ages. It is also the only place adults can trick-or-treat.

My family and I have been attending these parties for 13 years. I would love to go without my children. When you go with your children, you’re watching them while you’re taking part in the fun. While I love my kids sometimes I want to go on rides, they dislike and not have to worry about rider switch. Or not riding at all.

Attending the party without kids is a great way to have a fun kid free Disney experience as ironic as it sounds. Some adults to go to recapture the fun of Halloween.

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Pic Credit;  Amy Humphries

Pic Credit; Amy Humphries

You must dress up. It’s not a requirement but you will have more fun. If you attend the party with a significant other or friends dress up. Couples and group costumes are so much fun. We spend months planning the perfect costumes. We will DIY if we cannot find what we need on Amazon or at Halloween Costume Shop. Making your costumes can be almost as much fun as the party. I’m kidding it’s not that fun.

Let’s be honest adults cannot usually dress up and trick or treat like we did when we were young. These parties give you a chance to go back and relive simpler times.

Many people buy tickets because it is a smart way to meet rare characters and go on rides. Because there are typically short lines. Especially if you attend the earlier parties that are not as close to Halloween. Especially at the end of the night.

If you show up and there are long lines, remember many families with small kids leave after a few hours. Many after the first parade and fireworks.

So skip the first parade and fireworks! Fewer people view the second parade. At Oogie Boogie Bash this may mean skipping World Of Color. You can ride Radiator Springs Racers or Guardians of the Galaxy many times. Something nearly impossible to accomplish on a regular day. Especially because the FastPasses run out for these rides.

Take the time that everyone is focusing on entertainment to ride E- Ticket rides. Sometimes you can get off the ride and then go through the line again and ride the same ride within 5 minutes.

Most ride wait times we 5-10 minutes. Rides like Space Mountain and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at the Magic Kingdom are popular. Be aware the lines could be a slightly longer. If you want to go on those rides several times and fireworks are not that important than skip them.

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I recommend avoiding things and areas that attract parents and kids until the end of the night. Which seems impossible. For example, Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom has a dance party. The Hollywood Backlot at Disney California Adventure also has a dance party. If you are there for a kid free experience focus on rides and skip trick or treating until the end of the night. I love kids and love that these parties are family friendly too. However, I can relate to wanting to have an adult only experience.

The parties are the best time to snag hard to get dining reservations. I love Wine Country Trattoria at Disney California Adventure. But the reservations are spotty. Sometimes it’s easy to get a reservation. Get your dining reservation during the first three hours you’re allowed into the park. If you can.

Or call Disney dining and ask for one when the party is starting. Ask for a reservation about half an hour after the party starts. If you want to eat at Carthay Circle it will be easier to get a reservation. 

If you are going to the Magic Kingdom and you are dying to eat at Be Our Guest. Let me tell you a secret you can snag a Be Our Guest reservation or one for Cinderella‘s Royal table.

Visit the site  for Disney World Dining. Select the night you will be attend the party. Scroll down until you find a selection that says Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party dining. You must have a ticket for MNSSHP to dine there but snagging a reservation was easy.

Be aware the dining times will be for 6:30 PM or later or now that could be a problem if your dining with kids. But if your kid free and no one is waiting to trick or treat this is the perfect time to go. You may miss out on party time for half and hour but it’s worth it.

By skipping or waiting to trick or treat you will not have to carry candy for much longer. I rather have a few hours of fun going on rides and doing whatever I want.

I would also avoid the treat stations with a white lantern at Disney California Adventure. A WDW Cast Member told me this year the Magic Kingdom will only have healthy treats on Main Street. This means they are handing out carrots or apples. Sometimes its crackers. If you have kids who like healthy treats, then snag some. We save the crackers for school lunches. As an adult having a kid free experience, I want chocolate. I also want to go on all the grown up rides multiple times if possible. So I skip the white lanterns. Some treat trails have one in them so just remember you can save the healthy stuff for later. Do not be surprised if you receive a lot of crackers. 

Remember Disney will ask regular park guests to leave once the party starts. But attendance is spotty on party days. There is no off season at  anymore. So the three hours your allowed in before the party the park could be busy.

I recommend using those three hours to do things that take up precious party time. Enjoy a wonderful meal. Do things you can do anytime. Remember, you are paying to be at a Disney Park after hours. Do not waste party time doing things you can do anytime. 

Once the party starts, there are advantages. Like short lines for popular rides. Special entertainment. The most popular part of the parties for many adults are the photo opportunities. The lines at the beginning can be an hour for one picture. Many lines at Disney World can grow to two hours long. The party only lasts for five hours and if your taking pictures for most of the night, you will miss so much. Like the Boo To You Parade or Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular.

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and Oogie Boogie Bash Without Kids. #MNSSHP #OogieBoogieBash #Disneyland #WaltDisneyWorld #WDW #DCA #DisneyCaliforniaAdventure #Halloween #Disney #HalloweenAtDisney

At Disney California Adventure this means missing the Frightfully Fun Parade. Or Villainous!, the World of Color show. If you go to a Halloween Party at either park the parades and shows are exclusive to the Halloween parties. I think the photo opportunities are not worth it. If you are there without kids you can go on all the rides your kids dislike. No rider switch. Less hassle. No candy lines. You can view the second parade and get a spot without sitting there for an hour. Or dine at that expensive restaurant and not pay $13 for the one chicken nugget your kid will eat.

If you want to take pictures that’s fine. However, you will miss out on a lot. And spend most of your night waiting.

The parties are perfect for an adult only experience. Go without kids. Eat a fancy dinner and relax. Go on, all the rides you want. Skip trick or treating until the end of the night. Just show up for the second parade and enjoy it. The Halloween parties are a smart way for parents to do everything at Disney in a few hours sans kids. 

Have you been to a Disney Halloween Party without kids? Comment below if you have.

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and Oogie Boogie Bash Without Kids. #MNSSHP #OogieBoogieBash #Disneyland #WaltDisneyWorld #WDW #DCA #DisneyCaliforniaAdventure #Halloween #Disney #HalloweenAtDisney