Kidzlane Remote Control Racing Cars Review

This is a sponsored post for Kidzlane remote control racing cars. My thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Kidzlane Remote Control Racing Cars Review. #toys #toysreview #Kizlane #remotecontrolcar

I am trying to find new toys to keep my kids busy so they can entertain themselves without use of the tv or their tablets. I also would like my kids find other kids to play with at the park. Kidzlane remote control race cars are great for both. 

I figure my kids can entertain themselves at home with the racing cars. That they could also bring them to the park and perhaps other kids would ask to race the cars with them. So I jumped at the opportunity to test these Kidzlane remote control racing car.

The Kidzlane remote control race cars come in a set of two. Overall, it impressed me how fast the cars arrived. And how easy it was to set them up. The cars arrived within two days. The only hitch I had was removing the cars from their packaging. I took a few minutes to figure it out. After I turned the plastic knob, then I realized the cars came free of the cardboard.

Kidzlane Remote Control Racing Cars Review. #toys #toysreview #Kizlane #remotecontrolcar

I like the fact the car’s and remotes battery compartments a closed with a screw. I dislike my kids being able to access the battery compartment yet. Set up requires a small Phillips head screwdriver and 8 AA batteries. Which I finished in a few minutes. 

Kidzlane Remote Control Racing Cars Review. #toys #toysreview #Kizlane #remotecontrolcar

Turning on each car is easy. The power switches are on the bottom of each car. I am also glad each remote has the car's color and number on it. This way you know which remote goes with which car. 

The remotes are small. Which means they fit perfectly in little hands. The cars are small. Almost six and a half inches. I am glad they cars are small and portable. They were also easy for my child to operate. My child could operate the cars without direction. 

Kidzlane Remote Control Racing Cars Review. #toys #toysreview #Kizlane #remotecontrolcar

The cars are not loud. I was surprised by how quiet they are compared to a traditional RC car. We live upstairs and my neighbors did not hear a thing. 

My child set up an obstacle course with some tiny traffic cones we got with another toy. It bought me over an hour of time to work without interruption. Which I appreciate. 

We used dollar store batteries, and those died quickly. However, when we used Costco and brand name batteries, they lasted well over an hour and a half. 

Overall, I found that Kidzlane remote control racing cars were a fun toy. My kids loved them. The cars were quiet and kept my kids busy. When we took them outside, they performed well. And the remotes had a great range. 

I would and intend on giving these as gifts for Christmas and Birthdays. Any toy that entrains my child for an hour is worth buying. You can purchase Kidzlane remote control racing cars here on Amazon.

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Kidzlane Remote Control Racing Cars Review. #toys #toysreview #Kizlane #remotecontrolcar