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What You Need To Know About Mickey's Halloween Party.

What You Need To Know About Mickey's Halloween Party.


Every time I google Mickeys Halloween Party I always get blog articles on the one at Walt Disney World. It's so not fair they get the Sanderson Sisters. Walt Disney World's version Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party is awesome, but sadly I can't find many tips on our version here at Disneyland.

Now I've been going to trick-or-treat party every year since 2007 when it was still at California adventure that's how long I've been going.

I went one year in the 90s before they had an official one on Halloween, and they just handed out candy in random parts of the park.

Disney makes a big deal about Halloween it's not even September yet, and we already have Halloween merchandise and displays popping up. In a couple of weeks, it's going to be all about Halloween, and I'm not complaining because I love it.

The best part is the trick-or-treat parties you have to buy a special ticket, and yes they're expensive. The tickets usually sell out for every party. You can purchase them online and add them to your Disneyland app. 

Review the costume rules and guidelines on the website. Consider the fact that you will be walking at least a mile or two before selecting footwear. Dressing up in a dark costume then wear glow in the dark necklace. It is very dark in some areas. Plan and know where the restrooms are if your child's costume will be an issue.

If you're going to Disneyland before the party, you should avoid lining up at the main gate. Wait until after three pm if you use the main entrance. The line can get long. Sometimes the line at the gate gets longer around the time the actual party starts as some people do not come early.Annual Passholders stop by the Starcade in the park and get your wristband about half an hour after they start handing them out. People line up before three. Avoid getting in line before things are handed out to avoid waiting in long lines. 

If you are not visiting Disneyland before the party, you should get there early. There are security checkpoints to pass through. The line into the party can get long. People line up at the gate about an hour before they admit party guests. They issue you a wristband at the entrance.

The wristband tells cast members that you have a ticket for the trick-or-treat party. It shows you're allowed to be there so don't be tempted to take it off. If your kids tend to lose things put it on tight, so they don't lose it. 

They do give you a small plastic treat bag. I would bring one from home though. It's not big enough. You will get at least a pound of candy. Be aware there are healthy options. If you do not care for apples and carrots, then tell them you rather have candy where the healthy options are passed out.

 The Pre-party in Toontown. 

The Pre-party in Toontown. 

An hour before the party there is usually a pre-party in Toontown. They do have photo ops don't have elsewhere in the park into town for the pre-party. The downside is this is where the longest lines are for candy. Toontown closes early for fireworks. You may want to wait awhile to trick or treat here but not too long. Wait until at least 5:15 before making your way to avoid wasting time standing in the line to get into Toontown. 

Before your party date check with the Disneyland annual pass holders Facebook account page. Check where the annual pass holder gift will be passed out. Present your pass, and they will give you a special treat. The treat is usually a bag and a decorated rice crispy treat. Update, there is no gift this year. There is only a photo op in New Orleans Square. 

Now the party can get crowded, and the treat trail lines can get long. Despite this, you're going to get a lot of candy. Especially on weeknights, many families with children leave before the party ends. If you can stay the end of the night, you can get a lot of candy because some of the treat trail lines will be non-existent. 

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I highly recommend that if you're going to watch the parade, I suggest that you get your snack or meal. Get some food and hold your spot. It's a waste of time just to sit there so eat dinner while you're doing it.  People sometimes claim their spot hours before the parade. To me, that's a little extreme little half an hour before the parade you can usually find a good spot. There is always the second parade as well by then a lot of the parents with the smaller children have already left.

Stay close to the castle if you want a good viewing spot for the fireworks.  If you're in the right place, you can also enjoy the parade.

The Cadaver Dans perform on the Rivers of America. It's worth checking out. If you want to be time efficient you could dine where there is a view of the Rivers of America. Trick or treat at one of the treat trails near the performance as well. 

Some people will say there are no lines for rides during the party. There's always going to be a line for Space Mountain and Indiana Jones. Those are rides you want to get fast passes for to save time. Some rides that usually have long wait times you can practically walk onto the ride. The Matterhorn is one of them. There is a treat trail near it. Walk through the candy line and get on the ride. 

During the second parade, this is the best time to go on the rides and get candy. On weeknights, many of the kids have school in the morning. Families with small children usually leave early. You can get a lot done in that short span of time.


Bring an autograph book and a good camera with a flash. Many phone cameras do not take good photos in the dark. Sometimes seldom seen characters are out. 

You can come without children as well. Dress up. Trick or Treat. Enjoy your night. This event is fun for anyone that loves Halloween.

Mickeys Halloween Party is worth the price tag to me. I have noticed over the last several years a decline in the number of people participating in and handing out candy on Halloween. It's a great way to make sure your kids have a good one. I hope this was helpful to you. If you have a questions or tips, please comment below.

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