What You Need To Know About Mickey's Halloween Party.

There will be no Mickey’s Halloween Party this year. The new party is Oogie Boogie Bash, held at Disney’s California Adventure. Click on the link for more information. You can also hit the Disneyland tab. I have several informative posts about Oogie Boogie Bash.

When I Google Mickeys Halloween Party, the results have posts for Walt Disney World mixed in. That can frustrate and confuse you. When researching and planning for Mickey's Halloween Party links to Walt Disney World won't help. The parties are very different. I've been attending Mickeys trick-or-treat party since 2007. I can remember when the party was at California Adventure.

Disney makes a big deal about Halloween.  In August Halloween merchandise and displays pop up. Halloween at Disneyland is amazing. The best part is the trick-or-treat parties be aware you have to buy a special ticket, and yes they're expensive. The tickets sell out for every party. You can buy them online and add them to your Disneyland app.

Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland will be September 19, 21, 24, 26, 28, and October 2, 5, 9, 12, 16, 19, 23, 26, 19, and 31, 2018. Annual Passholders can buy tickets starting June 5th. DVC members, and Disney Rewards Visa card holders can purchase presale tickets. June 12th the tickets are on sale to the public. Tickets are $95 to $130 depending on the night the earlier you go the cheaper the tickets. Week nights are cheaper than weekends. Parking is not included in the price of the party ticket.

I want to address prices people get upset over the prices. It’s $95 for the pass holder price for some nights when I went to these parties when my kids were little the tickets cost about $37. It is very expensive. I truly understand that. For several years this was the only way I could bring my children to Disneyland. A party ticket admits you into Disneyland three hours before the party starts. Now you can visit California Adventure too. This is a good value.

While you will spend 7-8 hours at Disneyland, the fact you get to go to both parks makes this a good deal. Do not forget Disneyland proper closes to the public once the party starts. I checked the official Disneyland website. Tickets for two adults and two kids the total is $454 for four regular tickets. This means no park hopping. Admission for one day is an astounding $654 for a family of four Park Hopper tickets. Even when the tickets are $115 the Halloween party is still a good deal because you will trick-or-treat.

Remember Disneyland will close to the public once the party starts. This means even if the party is sold out you can ride pretty much everything without waiting in a long line. If you can only afford to go to Disneyland once a year the Halloween Party is an awesome option.

I recommend you read the costume rules and guidelines on Disney's website. Do not wear a mask as part of your costume they are not permitted. You can bring a plastic sword or light saber. Also consider you will walk at least a mile or two before selecting footwear. Dressing up in a dark costume then wear glow in the dark necklace. It is dark in some areas. Know where the restrooms are. If your child's costume will be an issue, make sure they tell you when they have to go potty.

If you're going to Disneyland before the party, avoid lining up at the main gate. Wait until after three pm if you use the main entrance. The line can get long. Sometimes the line at the gate gets longer around the time the actual party starts. Annual Passholders can get their wristbands at the Starcade. Wait until about half an hour after they hand them out. People line up before three.

If you are not visiting Disneyland before the party, get there early. There are security checkpoints and the line into the party gets long. People line up at the gate about an hour before they admit party guests. They issue you a wristband at the entrance.

The wristband tells cast members you have a ticket for the trick-or-treat party. It shows you're allowed to be there so don't take it off. If your kids lose things, put it on tight, so they don't lose it.

They give you a small plastic treat bag. I would bring one from home though. It's not big enough. You will get at least a pound of candy. Be aware there are healthy options. If you do not care for apples and carrots, then tell them you want candy where the healthy options are.

The Pre-party in Toontown.

The Pre-party in Toontown.

An hour before the party there is a pre-party in Toontown. They have photo ops don't have elsewhere in the park into town for the pre-party. This is where the longest lines are. Toontown closes early for fireworks. I recommend you wait to trick or treat in Toontown. If you attend the pre-party wait until after it starts then go to Toontown. People line up for the pre-party and the first 15-20 minutes the lines are long.

If you have an annual pass ask where annual pass holder gift will be. If there is one this year. In 2017 the gift was a photo Opp. Present your pass, and they will give you a special treat. 

The party can get crowded. Treat trail lines can get long. Despite this, you will get a lot of candy. On weeknights, many families with children leave before the party ends. If you can stay the end of the night, you can get a lot of candy because some treat trail lines will be non-existent.

I recommend that if you watch the parade; you get a snack or meal beforehand. Then claim your parade viewing spot. It's a waste of time to sit there so eat dinner while you're doing it. People sometimes claim their spot hours before the parade. That's a little extreme. Half an hour before the parade you can find a good spot. There is always the second parade. Parents with small children leave early.

Stay close to the castle if you want a good viewing spot for the fireworks. If you're in the right place, you can also enjoy the parade.

The Cadaver Dans perform on the Rivers of America. I like to dine at a restaurant with a view of the Rivers of America and watch them preform.

I hear people say you can walk on all rides. There will always be a line for Space Mountain and Indiana Jones get FastPasses to save time. Some rides that have long wait times during the party you can walk onto the ride. The Matterhorn is one. There is a treat trail near it. Walk through the candy line and get on the ride.

Wait until the second parade to go on rides and trick and treat if you stopped for photo ops. Kids have school in the morning going a weeknight is best. Families with small children leave early. You can get a lot done in that short span of time.

Do not forget your autograph book and a camera. Sometimes seldom seen characters are out.

You can come without children. That includes dressing up and Trick or Treating. This event is fun for anyone that loves Halloween.

Mickeys Halloween Party is worth the price. I have noticed a decline in the number of people taking part in and handing out candy on Halloween. I hope this was helpful to you. If you have questions or tips, please comment below.

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