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Budget Friendly Makeover Tips

Budget Friendly Makeover Tips

Completely Change Your Look With Breaking the Bank.

Sometimes we just need a change. For some that can be a new shade of lipstick or a haircut. For some, it's all that and a new wardrobe. When you're on a budget, it's hard to pull off a new look. 

Here are some ways to change your look without breaking the bank.

Visit a website that sells makeup like BH Cosmetics or e.l.f cosmetics for affordable prices. BH Cosmetics usually gives gifts like a pallete if you spend a specific amount.  I love e.l.f as well I use a lot of their one dollar products. I am posting my affiliate links, so you get some gifts. I find they are pretty much on trend and you can find new looks quickly without spending too much or trying to figure out what is trendy right now. 


Sometimes just by changing our lipstick from a summer shade to a fall one and doing a more neutral or smokey eye can make a huge difference in your confidence. 


Install a makeover app and play around with different hairstyles and colors. There are many easy to use home dye kits. It does not have to be permanent either. Sometimes just changing your hair shade can make you feel like you have had a dramatic transformation.
Go to the store of your choice Target, Wal-Mart, Ulta, or the drugstore. Pick up some V05 hot oil treatment, a sheet mask, a clay mask. Take a bath give yourself a facial and hair treatment. 

Opt to get your eyebrows done. Threading or waxing is not that expensive sometimes shaping your brows can dramatically transform your look. 

Adding bangs can make you seem like a different person. 

I cannot believe I am saying this but go to Wal-Mart their clothing has gotten considerably more stylish.  Basics like solid camis start at under two dollars. I was just there browsing, and they have some tops that are on trend and cute. 

I am also a huge fan of the Wish app. Sure there are some duds on there, but they have some cute clothing shoes and accessories cheap. 

If you have a slightly bigger budget try Forever 21 the clothes are on trend. They carry many basics that can be paired with the Wal-Mart basics like blazers and jeans to make a pretty stylish and expensive looking outfit. 

Hit up your local thrift shop. I have found amazing 90's vintage pieces buried in the racks. Since the 1990's still seems to be pretty trendy this an excellent way to change your look. 

Use the Facebook Marketplace or Letgo app to search for a quality used handbag or gently used fall coat. Just make sure to meet in public.

Sephora offers a few mini makeover if you do not know where to start. Remember they are giving to you for free. You should purchase a little something.Sephora lipstick is great and not too expensive. Their sheet masks are under ten dollars, and they are amazing. 

If you are itching for a change and cant afford one you would be amazed at how far $20 can go. At Wal-Mart, I have spent about nineteen dollars. My haul was hair dye, a Freeman clay mask packet, a Wet and Wild highlighter and lipstick, a new top, and earrings.

It's entirely possible to do a dramatic transformation cheaply. Especially with coupons. Google what you're interested in buying and add coupon to that word if there is one you will find it. 

Share any of your budget-friendly makeover tips in the comments below. 



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