Free Couch to 5k Printable Training Plan

February is Heart Health month. Even after February you should take your health more seriously. February is when many people quit their New Year’s resolutions. For many weight loss or fitness is one of those goals.

That is why Couch to 5k programs are so popular. Because of the short time commitment for a fulfilling reward.

I recommend running for months before training for an endurance event like 5k. Base Building is crucial to building endurance and preventing injury. 

Pick a training plan and sticking to your plan is crucial. Most training plans prevent over training and injury.

With that said I still think it’s possible to train for a 5k in one month. This depends on the individual. If you are, a cyclist or use an elliptical trainer five times a week three miles may not even be challenging. 

You should consult a doctor before starting a new fitness routine. Even if you’re an athlete. 

If you are new to running, I recommend starting with walk intervals. Which helps ease you into a new routine and prevent injury.

Start off easy. If you cannot run a mile alternate running for thirty seconds and walking for thirty seconds. If that is a too hard walk for one minute and run for thirty seconds. Install Runkeeper on your phone and program intervals.

If the first run is hard, remember running gets easier. If you need to walk most the mile that is ok. Do not push yourself. Running gets easier. Remember that. 

Walk Breaks are amazing and do not feel embarrassed if you need them.

I am linking you to a Jeff Galloway sheet on walk breaks. He proved even the fastest runners can benefit from walk breaks. Galloway proved walk breaks prevent fatigue and injury.

Walking is a great way to base build after a run and cross train. I added walking to the end of my runs so I could increase my mileage without getting hurt or burning out.

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A strength training routine is crucial. You cannot do cardio only.  I recommend The Biggest Loser Work Out Power Sculpt.  I know there’s controversy surrounding the Biggest Loser. The workout is effective though. The workout starts with a basic 20-minute workout work out, and the next two levels are ten minutes each. If strapped for the time when trying to get back into your routine a short total body workout is great. 

If you want something more advanced I recommend, Jari Love. The Ripped workouts by Jari Love are weightlifting workouts that focus on quality. Jari is a runner, and the exercises are perfect for runners. I recommend the Original Get Ripped DVD. I Ripped Slim and Lean is an excellent choice. 

A four-week program is a great way to see if running is for you and test your commitment. I have you walking once a week but you could run. It’s a great way to cross train and build endurance but not overdo it.

I am linking you to the US Road Running site if you want to try a Virtual 5k. There are several themed ones. The medals are cute and the races are affordable.

A virtual race is a low-cost way to test if you can commit to running before signing up for a more expensive local race. Running great  exercise, stress reliever, and way make new friends. 

I hope you will enjoy running as much as I do. Remember you can use this plan anytime.

Here is your Couch to 5k plan. 

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