Kidzlane Wooden Toys Review

This is a sponsored post for Kidzlane Wooden Toys. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

As a mom I say wooden toys do not get all the love they should. Besides the fact they are eco-friendly they are durable and can pass the test of time. Our youngest still plays with wooden toys her 23-year-old brother played with.

I also homeschool our youngest child. So it is important that the toys we buy are not only entertaining but educational. I have been trying to buy STEM toys. To help encourage learning and independent study in a supportive environment. Playing with toys is crucial for cognitive development. I want to ensure my child is playing with the right toys.

I love our Gear Head Wooden Building toys. Part of the principals for STEM is allowing many answers. Which with all the different mouth pieces and gears that is possible. But, we forget failure is necessary to learning. For example, if your child puts the nose in the place of an eye that is a teachable lesson. By encouraging the child to try again they will learn where the nose belongs. And also develop important problem-solving skills. This toy implores kids to explore make mistakes and learn.

This toy also implores kids to explore and create through play. Which is also very important to cognitive development. This toy encourages kids to be creative and will help enhance their creativity. They can make faces and turn the cogs. Toddlers and young children can play with this toy.

What I like is that your child can sit and play with this toy with no instruction. Yet you could base a lesson around it. For example you can teach your child where the eyes, nose, and mouth are. Or use this toy to teach your kids about emotions. They can turn the smile into a frown easily. This toy is adaptable. We can use it for multiple lessons.

Gear Head Wooden Building Toy is for ages 18 months and up. Older children can use this for education or as a puzzle. This toy is quiet and this homeschooling mom approves of it.

As far as games go we try to focus on ones that are educational and fun. I want my child to have fun and not feel like she is being forced to learn. The magnetic fishing game is a great way to help your child learn to count and identify colors.

Every fish has the number and dots to help them count to that number. Which is a smart way to teach number recognition and counting.

It is also a quiet game that takes up little space and does not require batteries. The box serves as the game board and it travels well.

This game is perfect for pre-schoolers starting to count. It’s a fun way to encourage them and help them count. We had a lot of fun playing this and it was so easy to catch a fish; The poles are perfect for little hands.

We had fun playing with both toys and I highly recommend them both. These are quality toys. My child loved the bright colors. What I loved most was there was no technology involved. No batteries. Just a simple fun toy your child will love.

You can purchase Gear Head Wooden Building toys here at Amazon.

You can purchase the magnetic fishing game here on Amazon.

The entire line of Kidzlane Wooden Toys is also for sale on Amazon.

Do your kids have any wooden toys? Were they purchased new or were they heirloom toys? 

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