Demystifying Re-useable Menstrual Products

Reusable menstrual products make people cringe. Our society is strange. The term on the rag exists for a reason. Tampons and pads did not exist. Women used rags. The sad part is rags were a luxury for many women. The norm for a long time was to re-use your menstrual products. No one even batted a lash.

Some of my peers act like reuseable menstrual products are the most revolting thing in the world. I suffer from OCD so if I can grasp the concept without wincing why can't other women?

We live in a disposable society. We throw a lot of what we use away. Many people placate their guilt with hybrid cars and up-cycled furniture. Many misconceptions about reusable menstrual products exist. By explaining why cloth pads or cups are easy and work well those misconceptions can be dispelled. The idea that they are gross is also childish.

If you prefer tampons a Diva Cup is likely for you. Menstrual cups have been around since the late 1930's. Using a cup is simple. You insert the cup. You remove and wash the cup. Menstrual Cups are a cost effective and fast method. A Diva Cup is not for me.  Some women don’t like tampons or Diva Cups and prefer sanitary napkins.

When I heard claims mama cloth can cure cramps, I considered making the switch. I suffer from endometriosis so anything that can help I am open to using. A lot of women experience less severe cramping or no cramps at all with mama cloth.

Mama cloth is more comfortable than those paper and plastic pads. Mama cloth is also better for your health because they’re not bleached and are chemical free. Many argue the chemicals used in tampons and disposable pads contribute to cramps.

The great thing about reusable pads is you can buy handmade ones, you can make them yourself, or buy them new. They come in a wide range of sizes and prints. 

Out of all my pads and my favorite and most cost-effective ones came from the Pat Pat app. If you use my affiliate link, you will receive 15% off your order.

If you’re saying it’s a biohazard, or it’s gross you need a reality check. We’re all adults here. The fact disgusting bacteria exists in your laundry. Its part of life and some germs on your laundry are worse than menstrual blood. Like E. Coli which is in a lot of washing machines.

It’s time that the stigma attached to mama cloth and menstrual cups dies away. It's amazing how immature people are. The suggestion it's nasty to wash mama cloth alone is laughable. People don't freak out and bleach their shower after they bathe when they are on their periods?

Our planet needs us to chill out on the waste. Reuseable menstrual products are another way to cut back. This helps the environment and your health. Reuseable menstrual products are cheaper. A set of menstrual pads might cost you anywhere from $10-$25. You won’t need to buy pads for years which is helpful. 

The average women will use 250-300 pounds of menstrual products in her lifetime. If you buy generic tampons is at least $500 for tampons in your lifetime. I spent less than $75 on my pads and they may last you decades.

It’s sad because many women can’t afford feminine hygiene products. They don’t know they have this option available to them.

So if you’ve been considering using  mama cloth go for it. Pink Lemonade has starter kits and individual pads. Pat Pat with my discount you can get 4 pads for under $15. If you don't like them, then don't use the pads anymore. You could buy your mama cloth from independent small businesses run by women. Pink Lemonade or many of the WAHM shops on Etsy are awesome.

You doing something that is better for the earth and your body and you are supporting a small business. So the next time you see a Diva Cup in the store or someone mentions reusable pads check them out with an open mind.

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