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― Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

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Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Disneyland Vacation

Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Disneyland Vacation

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People make mistakes that ruin their vacation. All these mistakes are avoidable. I have heard stories of how good Disneyland trips went bad and cringe. Disneyland is supposed to be fun but it can be miserable if you make it.  Here are ten ways you are ruining your vacation.

1. Over-thinking and Over-planning. Disneyland is much smaller than Disney World. You do not have to plan everything you will do in advance. Disneyland is amazing when you go with the flow. You never know when a character may pop up or the Disneyland Band may play. Realize it is the spontaneity of Disneyland that makes it so fun. Small children don't understand the concept of time management. A lot of frustration and melt downs come from not being flexible.

So read my post on not how to wait in line here. Combine a FastPass with a single rider attraction. It saves so much time. Get the FastPass and hit the single rider line nearby while waiting to redeem the FastPass. This saves time and allows you take things at your own pace. Stop for unplanned snacks, attractions, shows, or whatever. Wing it. Scheduling takes the fun out of things.

2. Booking a dining reservation for every single meal. That gets expensive. Time consuming. Make reservations for most meals. But do not forget a lot of Disneylands amazing food is quick service locations. It will save time and money. Go to Plaza Inn for lunch or dinner. Try the Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup at Jolly Holiday. Leave lunch open if you can. You can pick a restaurant you may not have tried and save a little time. I love table service but it takes longer to eat. There are many amazing things to do. Spending an extra half an hour at a restaurant can mean missing out.

3. Matching family shirts many cast members dislike and are not always effective. I have seen hundreds of different families wearing the same if not similar shirts before. The last time I went I counted 7 families wearing the same shirt print and color in a three hour span. If the point was to make it easier to find your family if someone gets lost it may not help. Opt for matching family buttons. Coordinate with a color of the day. Disneybound if you want to look cute and match. I find it easier to find kids who are wearing costumes they stand out. There are many kids in costumes but they are easy to spot. Think of it you lose your son in a red shirt and jeans or you lose a little Gaston. Who is easier to spot? Target has Disney costumes cheap. There is always second hand too. Kids in costume get way more attention when interacting with characters and cast members.

4. Thinking you have to do everything. If you dislike fireworks it is ok to skip them. Don't like Frozen? You don't have to watch the show. It is fine to skip things that do not appeal to you including rides.

IMG_5443 2.JPG

5. Spending more time documenting the trip than enjoying it. It is harder to enjoy a parade through a camera lens. Capturing memories matters. Do not forget there are YouTube videos and photos of almost everything online. Take pictures when they matter and enjoy your family and friends. Stay off your phone if you can. A social media post from Disneyland is awesome, but it's not everything.

6. Not installing the Disneyland app and Mousewaits. These two apps alone can save you so much time. You can find characters, wait times, and much more. The line for a plaid (customer service) can get long. You may find the answers yourself.

7. Not taking breaks. Yes Disneyland is fun but you're on your feet most of the day it can be draining. Stop and sit on a bench and take a 10-15 break every few hours. Return to the hotel for a nap. Trust me everyone will be much happier this way.

8. Not getting enough sleep. Skip coffee and caffeinated sodas later in the day. When you're done for the night try to get to bed ASAP. When you are tired, it can make your trip a nightmare. Tried kids can make it even worse. When everyone tires, they will become miserable. Sleeping in a noisy hotel with cheap curtains can make it harder. Consider having a cheap white noise machine sent to your hotel. Pin a blanket over the window to make your room darker. Or hit up a local store like Wal-Mart for a cheap fan (white noise) and instant coco or decaf tea. A few creature comforts can make falling asleep in a hotel room easier.

9. Not packing your day bag properly. Pack too much it is pain. Not enough you may spend half the day wishing you had chapstick. Stick to the basics. Sunscreen, chapstick, meds, hand wipes, portable charger, a water bottle, change and so on.

10. You did not dress for the weather or comfort. Wear shoes you can walk at least 5 miles in. Wear comfortable clothes. You may sweat or get wet so moisture wicking sports bras and exercise tops paired with jeans is a great idea. It can be hot all day. Then chilly at night. California is the desert. Dress for the weather and comfort. Not for fashion.

Trust me have a relaxed stance about how you spend your time and get enough sleep and you will have a blast. How have your ruined your own Disney trip? Comment Below.

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