10 Reasons Why Running With A Stroller Rocks

1. No baby sitter required. This one is self explanatory. If the other parent works or you’re a single parent fitness can be hard to find time for.

2. It’s harder to make excuses not to run or workout. Many parents do not have time to work out. A running stroller can change that. I plan my running route around my errands. I will end my run at a park where the kids can play and near a store so I can do my shopping. Using my BOB to multi-task makes it harder for me to skip my runs.

3. A running stroller is cheaper than a gym membership. You can do cardio and strength training with a running stroller. You need not join a stroller fitness class either. Some amazing mom bloggers created strength training workouts using their jogging strollers. I would find a few and bookmark them.

4. You burn more calories according to Runners World.

5. You set a good example for your kids. By bringing your kids along you show them that fitness matters and that time outside is good for you.

6. You never have to worry about running out of water and snacks. When run solo I miss the connivance of having a caddy that can hold my water, gels, and sunglasses.

7. Running with a stroller can make you a better and a faster runner when you run alone. Your pushing 30 plus pounds which is a workout within itself. Pushing the stroller also forces you to use proper posture. Which gives you even more reasons to appreciate solo runs.

8. If you suffer from depression exercise like running can help. Postpartum running helped me manage my depression. If I had not used a running stroller, I would not have been able to get out of the house and run as my husband worked long hours. My running stroller allowed me to keep running and stay connected with the outside world. If you suffer from depression, consult your doctor. Ask how exercise can help manage your symptoms.

9. Peace and Quiet. A lot of babies will entertain themselves or nap during runs. I always brought toys just in case. Running during nap time is a guaranteed way to enjoy quiet time outside. I put a runner carpet in the hall so I could bring the stroller inside and shower post run too. It was the only way I could shower in peace! As a new mom I took over a year to use up my dry shampoo.

10. You will look and feel like a total badass. It does not matter what your pace is. Most running strollers start at about 30 pounds. Once you add the kid, the diaper bag, the car seat if you use an adapter you could push well over 70 pounds.

Being a parent is amazing. Parenthood can be a challenge at times though. For me a running stroller helped saved my sanity and made it possible for me to do many things I could not otherwise.

Happy Running!

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10 Reasons Running With A Stroller Rocks!